A Father's Love

A short story about a father's love for his son.

There was once a boy named Francis, his father, Frank, is already old that he can't do any work for hours.

Because of Frank's state, Francis was given the reponsibility to do the work because he's the only son left. His eldest brother, Meldon, is already married and had left them a long time ago.

One day, Francis was working in their farm when his father kept on asking him too many questions that he got annoyed. He just waited for his work to be finished and his father to stop talking.

After that very long and tiring day, Francis went in his room and lied down on his bed.

He thought that he can already be independent and live alone without his father because his father wasn't much of a help to him. He thought that when he wakes up the next day, he will bring his father to the woods so his father could be lost and he'll live a peaceful and quiet life. This thought came to him and he said that it was the perfect plan.

The next day came, Francis woke up with a smiling face. His father was also happy to see him having a good day.

"Father, come with me, I'll show you something in the woods," Francis said happily. "You're gonna love it!" he added.

"Okay, my son, I'll just bring something with me." Frank said and then went in their house.

Francis waited for his father. When his father came out of the house, he saw that he brought with him a sharp knife. Francis was so excited to do his plan.

They walked into the woods. They already had a long journey so he think he was going to leavehis father there, but he realized that his father was cutting down every bamboo or wood he would see.

"Why are you cutting the woods?" Francis then asked.

"I just cut them so you won't be lost whenever you already want to go back home." Frank answered.

There was a long moment of silence. The silence was already ringing in Francis' ears that he wanted to break it but couldn't say anything. His father's answer struck to him. After a minute or two's moment of silence, Francis hugged his father while crying. His father hugged him back. "Why are you crying, my son?" Frank asked.

"I can't believe you'll do this. I brought you here to get rid of you because I thought you were already useless and annoying," Francis answered, crying. Frank dropped a tear. "But I can't believe that you cared for me this much. I'm sorry, father. I love you." Francis added.

"It's okay, my son. I understand. I am already getting old and useless." Frank answered. Francis let go of his father and wiped the tears in his face. "You're still important to me." Francis said proudly.

Since that thing happened, the two cooperated with each other in their farm. Francis learned how to love his father unconditionally. They both lived happily until the day came that Frank died. Francis was so happy for his father and mourned when he died.

"I regret everything that I did that made us far from each other. At least I had my time with you, Thank you, father." Francis said before putting the rose on his father's casket. Since then, Francis lived alone and had a family with two children. He kept on telling his kids the lesson he learned and all the experiences he went through..

The End

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