“Cut!” Earl claps, walking towards me. “That was amazing Kay,” he hugs me. “Ah-mazing!”

“Thanks,” I smile.

“We’re done,” he says, acting melodramatic.

“If you get a hold of that amazing screenwriter, I’ll think of doing another movie,” I smile.

“Aww, you are so sweet,” he kisses both my cheeks. “See you for the premiere.”

“I’ll be there,” I smile.

“With a date, I hope,” he teases.

“I’ll see,” I smile.

“A beauty like you should be married already,” he smiles. We walk side by side together until we reach the studio doors.

“Well, me and my sister have always promised to put our careers first. I don’t think I want kids too soon, but… maybe it won’t be all bad,” I smile softly.

“And what’s holding you back from marriage,” he asks.

“Well… that’s a long story,” I say slowly.

“Let me guess, family life was bad,” he asks, knowingly.

“Not so bad,” I answer. “It’s just that…”

“I could take you out for lunch,” he suggests. “You’ve got me really curious now.”

I laugh, “Okay. That’s a good idea.”

He opens the door for me and we step out in to the L.A heat. I quickly shield my eyes with my prescribed shades. “I’ve always wondered how you and your sister were born with gold eyes,” Earl says.

“Well, that’s not a long story at all,” I smile. “When our great grandmother was pregnant with our grandmother, she rubbed a gold necklace against her belly. I really don’t understand why, but when my grandmother was born, she was born with the color of the necklace, gold.”

“So all of your siblings have gold eyes,” he asks amazed.

“No, that’s the best part. Only the women were,” I smile. We slide into his convertible, though keeping the roof up.

“That’s an interesting thing,” he says.

“And no scientist has an answer that’s why we value our eyes,” I explain, taking off my shades.

“That’s why you wear shades inside,” he says.

“Because of bright lights,” I nod. “We, Jones have sensitive eyes.”

“But very beautiful,” Earl says, gazing into mine even now at a red light.

“Well, there’s always a price to pay for beauty,” I say, looking shyly away.

“Isn’t that the truth,” he chuckles. “I have three girls and all three has always listened to your beauty tips and also your sister’s.”

I laugh softly, “I have fans.”

“Of course you do,” he says, surprised to hear me say that. “You do have a Twitter page. Don’t you notice how many fans comment or ask questions?”

“I don’t see them as fans,” I say honestly. “It feels more like we are their advice columnist. Girls would ask me for beauty tips or boyfriend problems, even though I’ve been single all my life.”

“Seriously,” he asks. “Not even the quarterback of your high school?”

“There were admirers though,” I laugh smiling. “No, but seriously, I was arranged to be married. That’s how the Jones’ continue to be the wealthiest. Everyone in my city knew it. My sister was arranged to be married too… but the men who were chosen for us, weren’t what we were looking for. So we left and came here,” I say shyly.

“Well… I’m glad you did. Because you and your sister both are amazing,” he smiles.

“I’ll tell Kath you said so,” I smile.

“What has she been doing,” he asks.

“Well, she’s been gone to New York every weekend for her photo shoots and then during the week she’s running around,” I shrug. “We haven’t been able to sit down really in a long time. In a few weeks though, our schedules starts slowing down at least.”

“Well, I’m sorry my schedule has kept you two apart,” he says as we are seated at a table. I look at him to realize he was being genuine. Those expressive eyes are too easy to read. Something I have learned he despises.

My cell phone rings just then. I glance at it to see Auntie Ellie’s number. ‘What?’ I glance up at Earl, “Um… I think this might be important,” I say slowly.

“Go ahead, I’ll tell the waiter to wait,” he smiles.

“Thanks,” I say. I step outside, hiding my eyes with my shades. “Hello, Kathleen here,” I mumble.

“Still using Kay’s name on the screens,” Auntie Ellie asks.

“What do you want? I’m in an important—”

“Hi to you too,” she says. “Your father has died and I have called to inform you the funeral is the sixth of July.”

I count the days away, “Next Saturday,” I ask. “Um… I’ll see if I can make it. I’m sorry about your loss.” I slap myself in my head. ‘How lame can I get?’ I sigh, “Ugh, sorry Auntie Ellie.”

“About what? You’re the only one that said that to me. I’m sorry for yours too,” she states.

“I’ve lost mine a long time ago,” I sigh. “You can’t replace fathers, not even with steps.”

“Will we be seeing you,” she asks.

“Um… is Kay making it,” I ask, feeling nervous all over again.

“Yes, so will Marissa, Antonio and Marcus. I don’t know if Clarisse has received my letter, yet.”
“Was anyone there at his side,” I ask, hesitantly.

“I was, dear,” she says.

“Did he tell you anything… about each of us,” I ask, afraid.

“Yes, he’s been sick for a year now,” she sighs. “He said confession is good for the soul.” I can’t comment. “Don’t worry, he didn’t change his will or take any one of you out of it. He actually added his grandchildren.”

“I don’t care about his money,” I frown. “I just thought back to the… scandalous moments. Did he tell you of those?”

“Oh yes,” she says, sounding completely distraught. “See you soon, dear.”

“Yeah…” I say occupied now. “Um… I’ll have to see, okay?”

“Yes, dear, since you do live a double life,” she says.

I don’t comment, “Bye, Auntie Ellie. I’ve got a lunch meeting right now.” And without even waiting for her to say another judgmental comment, I hang up. I take a deep breath and shake my head, I sigh and close my eyes slowly.

You’re in public Kathleen, get in there and just act as if it was nothing…

He’s dead… I mean… seriously? He’s dead now? He won’t come back to life in a few years’ time?

I can’t say I trust Auntie Ellie and her information. I’ll get a copy of the autopsy. I’ll talk to the doctor that confirmed his death… I don’t care. I just don’t want him coming back in a few years… I want him truly dead…

“Good riddance, he should’ve died years ago,” I mutter. “Must be from AIDs,” I say quietly walking back to my booth with Earl.

The End

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