The Jones' sisters are back, reunited and it feels so good. Except for the reason that brought them back together: Their dad's death and burial.
All four ladies face their pasts and memories of the nightmares that was their lives.
But can they forgive? Would they be able to forget? Not likely, but maybe loving one another would be easier...
Mmm, unless their secrets were let out.



I stare out the window at the dark sky. The beautiful star shining so bright. You can only see the stars when darkness comes…’ I hear the flash of a camera. I wince, alert now. I whip around to see it was only Symoné, my best friend, holding her cell phone. I give her a quizzical look. “Stare out the window again,” she says, now rummaging through her bag looking for her camera.

I turn around slowly wondering what she was up to. I stare up at the dark sky once more with Mom’s words still in my head. I can only hear the faint sounds of Symoné’s camera clicking as I rest my hand flat on the glass window.


“The stars look beautiful… don’t they Ma?” I turn around to look at her, tearing my eyes away from the vast open sky. She smiles over at me. I look back out the window, but glance back over my shoulder at her. “Are they supposed to shine that bright?”

Ma smiles, as she comes over and sits at the window seat beside me. She puts me on her lap. “Hun, they are supposed to shine that bright… so everyone can see just how beautiful they are,” she whispers at my ear, smiling. She is always smiling.

“That sounds like a scripture Dad used as the main verse for last week’s sermon,” I say quietly, trying to remember how it starts.

“Do you remember the verse,” Ma asks.

I pause, seeing the words now. “’Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven,’” I say.

“Do you know your memory verse for Sunday,” Dad asks.

“Psalm 110:1,” I start then pause. “’The Lord said unto my Lord, sit thou at my right hand until I make thine enemies thy footstool.’”

“That’s my baby chicka,” Ma smiles, pecking my forehead.

I smile, and glance over to see Dad… once again busy with his big study Bible. My smile drops and so does my heart.


“Kay, come look. These pictures are hot,” Symoné smiles, bringing me back to the present.

“Symoné…” My voice cracks. My eyes dart away from hers. “I know I had said I didn’t want to talk about it, but…” My voice trails away on its own.

She sits me down on the bed. ‘Thank God, we decided against dorm rooms.’ We lie down side by side, across the bed. Our legs aren’t long enough to stick off the king sized bed. “I’m here for you,” she says, resting her head on her arm, while she looks at me.

“Should I go,” I ask. “To his…” I close my eyes and bite down on my bottom lip. It’s still hard to say the words out loud.

“Yes,” she says gently. “It’s your dad’s funeral. Go.”

I sigh, “I need to take a walk… you wanna come?”

“No,” Symoné hesitates. “You need to let it all out.” She gives me her usual tight hugs. “I’ll be in the kitchen.”

“Oh no, it’s my day to cook,” I say, remembering.

“No, I switched us,” Symoné waves it off. “Go, stop worrying. I’ve got this covered. Trust me,” she smiles.

“Thank you,” I smile. “I’ll take your Friday night.”

“Sure. Let me walk you down,” she says. She logs off my laptop and follows me out of my bedroom. I lock my door and we continue. Across from my room is hers. The space between is a glass floor, fenced off with an iron barrier showing the main floor ballroom below.

Symoné leads me down the elegant staircase. From first impression, it would seem as if the red carpet spilt out down the stairs. At the ground foyer, we hug once more before I open the door to see…  James. 
He stands there with green eyes so sad and warm. My heart beat races, pounding the loudest I had heard it all day. I smile up at him, my heart bursting with love that he had actually come.

“I got here as fast as I could,” he says sadly. He opens his mouth, but then shakes his head, as he closes it. He lets out a heavy sigh and slowly pulls me into his arms. “It’s going to be alright,” he whispers, holding me close. I really don’t think so but I don’t say anything, allowing him to hold me in his arms, even as the girls of the house pass by.

I close my eyes and wish that everything will be alright.

‘As soon as I get back from my crazy family…’

The End

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