Dorothy Hines, Mother, 21st Century AD

Dorothy spent the majority of her life in the 21st century but after being diagnosed with a terminal illness opted for cryogenic suspension, otherwise known as the colder, slower form of time-travel.

Before the diagnosis, Dorothy had very little future ahead of her. She'd flunked school terribly and had barely managed to cling on to her depressing job as a waitress. Her life was dull and uninteresting so the cryogenics was the most interesting thing. Of course, she didn't have the money to pay for it.

Lucky for her she met the man of her dreams one day at the restaurant, he was rich, debonair and seemed to know everything she liked. He was a dream come true, it felt like she had known him all her life. She bore him a son before the illness rendered her sterile and her husband paid to have her cryogenically frozen.

She was awoken in the 24th century, but the crude 21st century technology had resulted in complete retrograde amnesia. However, she was cured, falling in love with her physician. They lived happily in the 24th century for many years where she bore him a daughter they named Samantha. eventually, on her death bed she wished she could have met him sooner. Her husband, Derlu T'alPret obliged her by travelling into the past and meeting her all over again, where they stayed happily for many years, birthing a son before Derlu had her cryogenically frozen to avoid causing a paradox.


The End

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