A Family Tree Post-Time Travel

Write a short story, eulogy, or descriptive passage regarding a time-travelling family member. It doesn't have to make sense with the whole time-travelling thing.

Grix T'anDerlu

Grix was originally from the twenty-fourth century, but he took a liking to the simple lifestyle of the twenty-first (probably due to his mother being from that era originally) and spent the majority of his life reliving the first few decades under the alias "Jonathan Kim", working as a banker during the recession area and making use of insider information to become increasingly rich with each passing.

In his later years, he went on a short stint trading his newer money for the older equivalents so he could retire comfortably to an estate in the Classical Era. Sadly, dementia took him before he could remember to travel to the future for the cure, and he ended up travelling to Greece with no knowledge of their language, where he was promptly executed on suspicion of being a foreign spy.

He is survived, as far as we can tell, by an Incan wife and child he produced on a vacation once and completely forgot about.

The End

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