Animal Guardians

        "Animal guardians? Humans?" I now wanted her to explain more. The word human sounded familiar to me. 

        "We are spirit animals. You, me and every other animal here in animaual. This is where we stay until we are needed. Until we have to do our job." She started explaining but I was more focused on something else.

"Humans. What are humans?" I asked eagerly waiting for an answer. 

"Humans are the people that live on earth when a human is in need of help from one of us we get sent to earth to help them." The elk explained. 

"Who sends us?" I asked. 

" Well that I'm not really sure. It is just how the system works." Delliana said. 

" Can I see a human? I want to know more about humans please. How do I get to earth?" I begged her for answers. 

"Hey now do not be an eager beaver. You are a weasel silly. And once your abilities are needed I will accompany you on your first journey to earth." She said. 

" Well how long do we have to wait till I can go?" I asked. 

"You stay here until a human needs your assistance. Which could be a long time. Then you go to earth help them and then you return. But you stay there as long as the human needs you. That could also be a long time. maybe even there entire life. Some humans never learn the lessons we have to teach them." She finally started to explain things. 

"Teach? What can I possibly teach them?" I asked. 

"Well I do not know I am an elk and you are a weasel but the lessons I teach humans usually deal in the matter of leadership or wisdom. But with every human I teach I learn more about my animal and am able to help even more humans." She explained but I didn't really understand.

"But I still do not understand how I can help a human." I said but then I started to feel light headed and I saw many bright lights.

"Looks like you are going to find out" She said as we were engulfed in white lights.

The End

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