A familiar Tale

A fiction novel about familiars, or spirit animals.

           My world was spinning. Everything was moving so fast. I could not think finally I opened my eyes. Finally everything slowed down I looked around.

          I seemed to be in a forest of some kind. I was surrounded by trees swaying in a gentle breeze. The grass I was laying in was bright green and cool.  

         I decided to stand up but as I did my head started spinning I realized something seemed wrong but I was not sure what it was. I sniffed the air my nose and whiskers wiggling a little as I did. The air smelt fresh and had a hint of rain. My ears twitched in the wind listening to the sounds of the jungle.

         I started to walk a little on my four paws with my tail swaying behind me. I still had the feeling that something just was not right. Then I heard the walking of hooves coming close to me. I stood up on my back hind feet to see if I could see anything. Then I saw it a huge elk was coming straight towards me. The weirdest thing was I was frozen in place.

        The elk came closer and all I wanted to do was run. That was what my instincts told me to do but I was frozen, unable to move. Then finally the elk was standing right over me. The elk looked down at me. " Do not be afraid young weasel. I will not hurt you." The elk talked. I was shocked that I could understand her. "My name is Delliana and I'm here to help you" She introduced herself. 

       I was confused but I remained quiet. " You must be confused. I can not really remember when I was like you. But do not fret I am here to help you. I am your teacher" She explained. "My teacher" I whispered. "Oh good so you can speak. For awhile I was afraid that you were unable to talk but yes I am your teacher and you and me we are spirit animals. Animal guardians of the humans." Delliana said with great pride in her voice. 

The End

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