Queen Regent

I watch her. Her guards escort her. She is gone. I am now in charge. Her brown hair flowing in the wind as she is escorted to the gates, not even a mile from where we were. I watch as tears flow from her face. Bombs go off in the distance. This is life now; fighting for something we have tried to keep alive and growing, now crashing down in front of us. The crown falling from her head, symbolizes the falling of Emberonyia. Once she is out of the city, the gates shut. The people see her no longer as a Queen, but as a traitor. She started this war, so they believe that her blood could end it before it even started. That's what she told me in private. That is why she asked me to be the Queen Regent. She knew this day would come. A gunshot is heard. For the first time in Kingdom history, I must climb the steps to the throne. For a moment, all is calm and quiet. The gates open and a hearse drives by. Then the words, "The Queen is dead!" rings throughout the city. In essence, she had nothing to do with the war. It was her father. These people don't realize that this war is far from over. 

"Is it true?" One of the Privy Council members ask me.

"As far as we know. Yes. Queen Evelynia Lovelock, is dead. The crown has fallen and I must take it. She knew this day was coming. I am now the Queen Regent. I rule this land for now. But I know she will come back. She is too strong to die by one single gunshot. Come. We have a meeting to get to." I say running my hand down my dress, getting the wrinkles out of it. 

The End

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