Johnny had never seen a dead animal before.

Not up close anyway. Even as a child his disposable hamsters or emotionless fish that sat static in their cages and tanks were never lifeless. His mother had seen to it, and quickly dealt with the remains before Johnny had a chance to see them.

However, he was to be unprotected from this particular scene. It was common to find roadkill scattered around the highways that surrounded Sandgate. 'It was life' Johnny had always thought.

This was more real. The car rolled up to the gate, outside the small front lawn. Peering through the windscreen, Johnny saw something lying against the kerb, effectively blocking his path. The thing was orange and mangy. It could only have been a fox.

The creature was dead. Johnny could tell from a long way, the way it's body was slumped with it's head at a cosmic angle. Johnny managed to maneuver the car into park and then got out to inspect the corpse. There was no one else around, the street was calm and quiet. Johnny was aware the fox may have been dead for several hours.

The End

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