The roads were packed full of traffic as Johnny nudged his Peugeot forward another yard. There had been a small collision at the brow of Folkestone hill that overlooked Sandgate. If you were careful it wasn't a dangerous corner, despite the fact that it was fast, blind and had cars parked on both sides. However, the road was wide and grippy. It was one that Johnny loved to carve around. He wouldn't be doing that today.

As Johnny drove past the accident, he caught sight of the wreckage that remained, cut off by orange tape. There was an ambulance parked close by. From a glance it looked nasty. The engine cover was mangled, with the alloy wheels bent on their axles. The entire windscreen was shattered. Johnny grimaced as he turned back, looking away. Cautiously, he drove on.

The morning had come and gone in a far less than perfect manner. Johnny had performed several disk cleanups and cleared a laptop of a problematic virus that had all but wiped out his hard drive. He was used to the never-ending list of problems that came with computers, however the errors that had occurred this morning had frustrated Johnny and taken up a massive amount of time.

Not the best way to start a new job. He would have to expect tougher, trickier issues.

The End

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