Sandgate was a quiet seaside town in the east of Kent. It was a comfortable enough place to live, you didn't have to travel far to work and at the same time it wasn't a mile away from a luxury or past time. Whether it be a sport, the ocean or the cinema, Sandgate had something for everyone. The neighboring towns and villages Johnny felt were just as acceptable. 

Every town has its problems though and Sandgate was no exception. Often if there was some sort of annual event or fete lurking on the horizon, the place would become crowded with tourists from the north. Johnny would lose his parking place that was situated directly outside the flat. With the same level of annoyance, Johnny and Katy were often awoken early on the weekend mornings by the crying seagulls that nested on the roof of the building.

The sea was nice though, if a little rough sometimes. The water was normally greyish and foamy, however during summer the glowing shade of blue returned, along with the deck chairs and ice cream.

Johnny hadn't slept well. The night had been a series of rolling from side to side, trying to find a cool patch of pillow in the heat. He'd put it down to nerves, but Johnny felt something inside him the next morning that he hadn't felt for a long time. The first hint of doubt.

It seemed impossible only twenty four hours earlier, but finally Johnny was starting to ask himself questions. 'Was it too fast? Was it too hopeful?'. No one could answer for him.

Johnny had watched the sky turn from black to blue and then grey as morning came. Katy was still fast asleep beside him. He watched her for some time, analyzing the curve of her neck, her fluttering eyelashes, her golden hair. The way the duvet moved as she breathed. She didn't wake until after Johnny had left.

The End

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