There was a cheer from the other side of the bar as a goal was scored and the football fans applauded. Johnny and Danny laughed before turning back to each other.

'You see' said Johnny 'it's fate'. Danny shrugged and both took another swig from their glasses. Danny paused before offering his own vouch of luck to Johnny.

'Thanks mate'. Both men submitted their regular handshake which involved a clasp of the palms before a soft connection of the fists. The small embrace was hollower than Johnny had expected and the pair sat in silence while they finished their drinks. Eventually Danny spoke again.

'Well I guess I'd better be off. Let you get to work on convincing her'. It was common for Danny to find comedy in something serious. Johnny smiled and said goodbye as Danny picked up his coat, yawned and then dawdled out of the bar. Returning to his own council, Johnny stared into the now empty glass, twirling it in his hands. Two droplets had formed at the bottom.

It had been a great night, Johnny thought to himself. Nothing had swayed the positive bubbly feeling that he had felt at the table and now Johnny was certain that he was about to claim another prize. On his way out, Johnny looked over his shoulder one last time, surveying the comforting scene of the last few hours.

The red dragons and assorted roses, golden lamps and the smell of strong sauces were just some of the elements that had contributed to the evening. The football match was still going on and Johnny caught a glimpse of the crowd hiss an 'ooooooh' as another shot crashed against the post. With another smile, he walked out.

The End

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