The bar area was relatively quiet, other than a group of enticed football fanatics huddled together under the overhead plasma screen. It was June and the World Cup had recently begun, naturally unleashing the explosive cultural and patriotic level of support from the public that was often delusional.

This year had been like every other, with a disappointing campaign from the England squad, who had been knocked out in the quarter finals. There were still banners and flags hung over the town but they were slowly coming down as the tournament neared its end.

Johnny didn't have much affection for football. Unlike Danny who it appeared was checking to see whether or not he had succeeded in winning a bet on the latest game.

A small Chinese man came round a served the drinks. Danny switched off the phone and turned to face Johnny.

'You win?' Johnny asked.

'No, it was a disaster. Portugal won 3-0'.

'Unlucky man. Still you didn't lose that much?'

'A score' Danny replied with a small roll of the eyes. Danny wasn't a prolific gambler but when he did, he rarely lost and this bet had shocked him. He took a sip of his beer.

'So what is it you wanted to talk about in private?' Danny asked.

Johnny delved into the pocket of his jeans and took out a small box. He opened it and revealed a shiny new engagement ring. 

'Wow' said Danny shocked by the size of the diamond. Johnny was pleased at his friend's reaction.

'I'm proposing to Katy tomorrow night' he said.

'Are you sure mate?' asked Danny. 'Seems a little overboard, you just got a promotion. Don't you want to slow down for a bit?'

'I don't know when a better opportunity will come along' Johnny replied tentatively. 'I don't want to regret it'.

The End

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