'Hang about Dan I need you for a bit' Johnny cut in.

'That's OK I''l take her back and meet you at the flat' Katy suggested.

'Yeah, you don't mind?'

'Nah it's fine, I know you guys want to talk man and everything'.

'Thanks. I'm glad you understand' Johnny joked and stood up. 'I'll call you a taxi'.

Johnny wriggled his phone out of his pocket and then switched his attention over to the bar area.

'Dan' he said with his eyes diverting. 'Drink?'

'Yeah two seconds mate' Danny replied, biting into a prawn cracker.

At the bar Danny ordered a beer, continuing his spell of alcohol intake while Johnny preferred to keep a cool head with a mineral water. As Danny walked over, Johnny noticed he was holding a brand new iPhone, staring down at it as he came over, not looking where he was going.

Eventually Danny blindly navigated his way over and took a seat on one of the stalls.

The End

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