It was true. Johnny hadn't had a decent break all year. His job as an IT technician had initially only been temporary, however his fix succession rate and extra hours had convinced his management to keep him on in a higher role, news to which Johnny had been able to relax and enjoy.

'Just let us know when the cash starts rolling in mate, I don't know how Cindy's going to pay for a new car all on her own' said Danny who had joked continuously all night. Danny and Cindy had been married for over a year now and were still experiencing the sense of extreme connection. Cindy was hugging Danny's arm while he clumsily attempted to twirl the noodles around a pair of chopsticks.

The restaurant was noisy and colourful with a mixed blend of red and black artwork. The painted dragons on the sliding doors were the most distinguishing marks native to the unique, culinary background. The hot plates and sizzling spices were smoky from the kitchen and placed around the low red-lit room. There was a warm aura, and Johnny felt it was fitting.

The four friends continued to chat until the wine ran out and the sleepy heads sunk in. Cindy was most affected by the alcohol and was now barely able to keep her eyes open.

'I think someone's dropping here mate' said Johnny noticing Cindy's tiredness. Her eyes were now shut and her head was resting on Danny's shoulder.

'Who let her touch the wine?' Danny exclaimed, shaking Cindy who made a small murmuring noise, half awake. 'Time to go home'.

The End

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