Savor what you have and remember that anything can be lost in an instant.

There was a loud pop as the cork from the latest bottle of Merlot was cracked open and served. It had been an exciting evening for Johnny Naysmith.

After yet another day where Johnny had solidly worked to the bone to save his job and his livelihood, he had successfully completed not only that objective, but also surprisingly received a promotion that came with an increase in salary. And to top it off, he had just finished a delicious Chinese meal at a restaurant, in the company of his best friends. A perfect day, and Johnny had ideas for more very soon.

The night had been packed with celebratory drinks, jokes and future prospects. It was now dark outside, while the moonlight and stars were reflecting and sparkling in the wine glasses. It was cool and dry as the quartet convened over the small table.

'Wow! Is that the fourth or fifth bottle tonight?'

'Sixth honey!'

It was Danny who had asked the question, to which his wife Cindy had replied. Johnny was sitting opposite the couple who were still tucking into the surrounding food and drink. Next to Johnny was his own partner, Katy.

'Have you had a good time?' Katy asked with a smile. Johnny looked back, studying her face. He had been in a relationship with Katy for almost five years now and every aspect of how she appeared was at it's peak at this moment. Her long, silky blonde hair perfect, with white teeth and twinkling eyes were enough to be captivated in the moonlight and Johnny took a few seconds before answering.

'Best time I can remember' he said.

The End

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