A Fable In Crime

It had been almost three years. The case of "The Gingerbreadman" had been closed.
All of us in Fableland attended the funeral except of course the culprits and, one more person, Grandma.
Red had been there, sporting that Red Hoodie, the Hunter had been there, even Wolfie had been there but Grandma had been mysteriously missing.1

And three years later, Grandma still hadn't been seen. I went over the original complaint. Red had been on her way to Grandmas' house. Grandma had been very sick with the flu, Red was delivering a Care Basket. I picked up the list of contents: Soup, BBQ Ribs, Potato Salad, Collard Greens, Peach Cobbler, Brown-n-Serve Rolls and Koolaid. Red told the Police she had run into Wolfie on the path, that was how he knew where she'd been going. She said Wolfie had tried to steal the Care Basket, she'd fought him off, spraying him in the face with Pepper Spray then, she said he had run off but, not before saying he would make her pay.

According to the report, Red stayed on the path but, Wolfie ran through the woods. He was caught later trying to break into the Little Pigs house.
I had to stop here and think about this.. Grandma lived in the opposite direction of the Little Pigs and... it was over ten miles away.. I scratched my head, it wasn't possible for him to have been at the Pigs house and Grandmas' house, ten miles apart at the same time. But other witnesses swore they saw him there.
Reading further, the Police Officer talked to Mama and Papa Bear, they lived two houses east and Old MacDonald, his house was next door to Mama and Papa Bears'. They all swore it was Wolfie..

Detectives had been called in and began an investigation. When they walked into the house, Red and The hunter were sitting on the couch, he had his arms around her, and she was crying softly. At that time, Wolfie was being interrogated by the Barnyard Police Dept.

The report had stated that Red had been upset but, not "hysterical".. The Hunter had been antsy and kept walking to the window overlooking the backyard. All of a sudden one of the officers shouted, he'd found something. There in his hand was a note from Grandma, next to the bed on a chair was a nightgown and a nightcap neatly folded. One of the Detectives took the note in hand and began to read..


And that had been three years ago..

Sitting here reading the case something struck me funny, that was the first time in my 45 years that Grandma had ever left the house. She had been very old, and frail. She needed help getting around, and her food was always brought to her. The granddaughter Red Ridinghood always did these things for her.
I went over all the information again, there was somthing there, something..yes, the Hunter.. I dug through the pages and found what I was looking for..
It said, the Hunter had been questioned, says he was antsy and kept looking out of the window.. WHY?
Reading further it stated he was holding the "handle of an axe"...? I needed that to be clarified.

I went to Barnyard Police Dept. I asked to speak with officer C.Little. When I asked about the Hunters axe, Officer Little told me, there was only an axe handle. He also said the Hunter was so nervous, he had asked if he needed water or something. I asked officer Little if there was anything else he could remember.. he cocked his head to the side and thought.. he said the Hunter seemed to be interested in the backyard, couldn't keep his eyes away. I asked had anyone checked it out, he said there was no reason to, the note along with the nightgown and nightcap had been found, and that ended that.

That ended that.. there was something wrong. I ate my lunch and thought over the information I had. I decided that after lunch, I would start talking to some of the suspects involved.

2pm and Wolfie was still asleep.. I hammered on the door. Red eyed and dense, Wolfie stared at me. I asked him what he knew about Grandma. He addmitted to trying to steal the basket, but said he was going to drink the koolaid then give it back, it had been a joke.. when I asked if he knew where Grandma was, he looked around the room and back at me. He told me that after he left Red, he'd run into the Hunter, he said he didn't dare get too close, and commented on how shiny and sharp the axe head looked. I stopped him there, asking him was he sure about the axe head... he laughed and said if he wasn't sure of anything else, he was sure of that, the Hunter had almost put an end to him a couple of times..
I asked if he saw which way the Hunter was headed, He said to him, it appeared the Hunter was headed in the direction of Grandmas house.

I was about to leave when I remembered something else.. I asked him why had he been trying to break into the Little Pigs house? He really laughed then.. He told me he hadn't been trying to break in, he'd gone around to the side to wake up Pepper Pig.. I just stared at him.. and then he smiled, she was his girl, he had been knocking on her window. I asked him why the Barnyard Police Dept had tried to charge him with B&E.. he raised his eyebrows at me.. I continued to stare, that's when he shrugged.. and told me about his affair with one of the sergeants there a Goldie Locks.. said he broke it off and she had been after him ever since, life is strange..

I spent the next two weeks going over reports. I was starting to think maybe Grandma had just gone away, but something still nagged at me.

That night I walked around Grandmas backyard for the third time. I was about to turn and leave when I saw one of the lights in the house come on. I watched two figures moving about, I heard loud talking and I moved closer to the window.
Red was shouting at The Hunter, telling him if he hadn't been so scary no one would have suspected anything. He turned his back to her and started to walk out.. I could hear in her voice she was enraged.. she all but screamed at him.. He told her to calm down, he was going to search the back yard.
I ran to a big tree and hid behind it, The Hunter walked out into the moonlight and looked around. He was slowly walking towards me. I placed my hand on the little pistol under my arm. Just before he reached me, Red called out to him. She scolded him for being so stupid, it was dark and he wasn't going to find it now.
I had a pretty good idea what he had been looking for. But I had no reason to dig up Grandmas back yard. But I was sure they would make a mistake, soon, they were both looking over their shoulders.

I decided to talk to Red, she looked like she was sitting in an anthill, she squirmed and wiggled, finally screaming at me, saying she would not give permission to dig up her Grandmothers back yard, there was no reason and she did not know where her Grandmother had gone, she dropped a tear, saying she really missed her and had loved her so much.. I commented on her use of past tense, she stood up, whirled around and stormed out of my office.
I was tired.. I needed to sleep. I started to clear off my desk, I was shoving the case file into the drawer when someone knocked..

I was surprised to see Ms. Dish, I hadn't seen her since the funeral, I motioned for her to sit and pulled my chair up to my desk. I asked about Mr. Spoon, they had been an item for years, as far back as I can remember Dish and Spoon had always been in the same sentence together. Ms. Dish began to cry, I was startled, reaching into one of the desk drawers, I handed her a tissue. I gave her a few minutes to gain her composure and told her what ever it was it would be alright. She looked at me and, matter of factly said "Grandma ran away with Spoon"

Good Lord, this put a whole new light on things.. I went back to see Red.. I told her about Ms. Dish. Red sighed and told me yes that was what had happened, she said her grandma and Mr. Spoon had been seeing each other for years, she told about the plans they had made to run away, she said she had felt so bad cause Ms. Dishs' girls had gone to school with her, they had also had sleep overs when they had been kids.
I stared at her.. then I asked her, why was she and Hunter so nervous.. she laughed, Hunter had impersonated Wolfie, he was afraid cause he had buried the costume in the backyard. Grandma had asked them to act like Wolfie had done away with her. I told her, well suppose Wolfie would have gone to jail for something he didn't do, that would have been horrible..she shrugged her shoulders, and told me, that was why Grandma had written the note..

It all came together.. the mystery had been solved, I felt sorry for Ms. Dish, she was the one that was supposed to run away with Mr. Spoon. I guess Grandma wasn't as frail as we all thought.

So all had been settled, Wolfie and Pepper Pig are engaged, Red and the Hunter finally got married. Grandma and Mr. Spoon were on some tropical island.

Oh yes, as for Ms. Dish, she married a wonderful man, Mr. Platter.. they are very happy and expecting their first set of saucers..

The End

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