A dream of a twihard

well its a a dream of a twihard (a twilight fan)

       I walked and walked not realizing where i was.But i was aware that it was a forest and it seemed like it had no ends.The soil was damp showing signs of a recent rainfall and i always liked to walk on damp earth.I didn't know how i reached there.I had no memory of the things that brought me here.I then started to read my surroundings.If the forest had been less creepy i would have said it was a beautiful night.The sky was clear,strewn with stars shining in a way that it felt like a shining diamond necklace.The moon was full and its beautiful silvery light filtered through the leaves and reached the forest floor.

      Not sure what else to do i walked ahead in the direction of the moon.My first thought was to find a road.A road always led to civilization.But my gut said not to expect any.But i did walk ahead.After a short distance i reached a lake.A lake so pure and clear i was starting to think whether i had come back in time,a time that had no dyes,no chemicals, a time with no pollution.The moonlight reflecting on the water was very beautiful and it felt as if the water was liquid silver.I probably wouldn't be wrong to say that it was a romantic night.A night dedicated for lovers.But here i was all alone.sigh!.But then as if god(the guy up there) heard my mind ,i found a stunningly beautiful woman in front of me staring at me.So beautiful that i wanted to cry.I wanted to cry because i realized she could never be mine.what do you call it? yeah,she was way outta my league(Double sigh!).Her skin was honey colored and it shone in the moonlight in a way not humanly possible.She looked kinda Indian,i guess  but something was different.Her eyes had Shockingly crimson irises as their centers.Her hair seemed to flow like a flag does when hoisted though i felt no breeze.I looked at her face and all my concerns were blown away.Then though i didn't want to i closed my eyes and thought why was a girl doing in a place like this.she definitely didnt look lost.When i opened my eyes and looked at her face i didn't care.

      Her velvety voice surprised me not only because the voice was beautiful but because she said "I am lost.Do you know where we are?".I replied "No".Then an expression of deep worry crossed her mind and it was so overwhelming that i just wanted to hold her and comfort her."I am scared.I could use company while trying to get out of this place"she said and gave me a quick smile that got lost half way.Well first of all you don't say no to a girl this pretty and pretty was an understatement."Sure.we can travel together.But how did you get to this place?"."I don't remember"."Neither do I".we walked further into the forest.It felt like she was gliding beside me instead of walking.It felt magical.Then it started to rain.We quickly took cover in a small cave that we spotted ahead.The rain didn't seem to stop so we decided to rest there.

      She sat beside me.she looked concerned.In a gesture saying not to worry i patted her arms and was surprised to find them ice cold.She looked at me and i couldn't avert my eyes.Her face was filled with a mixture of emotions innocence,fear,and much more without realizing i got closer to her.Then something surprising happened something that sent a chill through my spine.She bared her teeth in an animal manner and let out a growl.Her razor sharp teeth glinted in the moonlight and i didn't remember anything after that.

      After a long time or so it seemed i tried to open my eyes but couldn't.My body was consumed with a wave of pain akin to burning.I wanted to scream but couldnt.

       "Will you just shut up!.I'm trying to catch some sleep here.What is it thats burning you.humph!".I woke up to find my brother twisting in his sheets and realized that yeah it was a dream.I switched on my bedside lamp whose light as it fell on the table revealed a book whose laminated cover was shining. Twilight:Breaking dawn. Ah! the troubles of a twihard.....

The End

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