A Dream... Is Just A Dream

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I placed my hand over my chest. I grasped the loose white t-shirt I was wearing, clenching my hand into a fist. But no matter how hard I held on, I could never touch my heart. What is this pain that I keep on feeling? Why does my heart ache whenever I see her? Wasn't everything already over? Didn't it already end?

Tears seemed like they were going to overwhelm from inside of me. She just went on with life as it was. Speaking to him... and not me. Truthfully, I want her back. Yet I know, she will never accept me into her life ever again.


I was roaming around Facebook, pretty typical of a teenager nowadays. I had nothing better to do anyways. Zero notifications... zero messages... There is nothing happening... I don't even see what is so attracting about this site.

I leaned back on my chair. Her face showed up again. Oh god. I ruffled up my hair and slapped myself in the face. It's no use thinking about her. I tried concentrating my thoughts on something else. 

I browsed along my news feed. Suggested friends... Hmm... I've never seen her before, but why do I feel like I know her? Linda Plamer.

i'm a stranger
and hi
my names chris
call me a stalker
i heard your feeling depressed

Sent... Wow. Why on earth did I send that message out? Oh wait... She replied.

who told you that?

just a gut feeling when i saw you on the suggested buddies
just felt positively right
who knows
lol that is perhaps the worst lie anyone can tell
truth is i can't tell my sources

Rather, it is not that I can't but I don't have any sources. It was all on a whim to get rid of that stupid thought in my head.

lol well your instincts were correct

so would yu like to talk about it?
call me miracle worker

Hmm... this might be turning out better than I thought.

The End

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