a dream

like the tital says it was a dream

I ran, it was all I could do. They were right behind me, although I had managed to put some distance between me and them by cutting through the trees, now I was on a muddy road, the rain pounded down at me relentlessly then I saw it, a two story house with a collapsed roof, my gut told me I could hide there.


Next thing I knew I was inside the house, it looked like no one had been in here in years, the old yellow sunflower wallpaper had all but disappeared, the floor was soggy like a sponge in some places where the roof had leaked, and was still leaking, and all around me was evidence that someone had lived here a long time ago.


Noise outside told me it was time to move, a door at the other end of the house looked like my only exit, moving to it carefully so I didn’t fall through a soft spot, I opened it and to my horror found that this house had been built on a cliff over three hundred feet to a raging, storming ocean.


I was now standing on a wooden deck that was three feet from me to the drop, and only a rusty, bent iron handrail could stop me.


Noise behind me told me my pursuers where almost at the door, I tried hard not to panic and through myself to one side I grabbed the door and slid over, at the same time the deck gave way slightly, now it was on a angle, and if my foot hadn’t slammed into the rail and my hand hadn’t been on the doorknob I would have been trying to swim, but as it was I was sitting with the door jammed open, I pressed myself up against it.


It was the best I could do, the salty air stung my nose as I tried to get my breathing under control, my leg wanted to cramp up from the sudden cold air, I remembered the gun in the pocket of my hoddie, but I only had six shots, and there where at least seven of them, all armed with shotguns and body amour.


No the gun wasn’t the answer, hiding was.


I heard them, my breathing froze.


“…saw him go in here.”


“So did I.”


“So where did he go?”


“Maybe out that door?”


“No way, look, there is nothing but ocean out here.”


A man’s head poked out the doorway, and looked around, my breath now wanted to scream out of me as I grabbed his head and through him to the waves, but there was the possibility of him dragging me with him. So I didn’t.


His head disappeared back inside, and I let my breath out.


“Think he jumped?”


“Maybe, but we should get the water team out looking for him then, after all even if he’s dead he’s still useful.”


“Good point.”


I heard them leave, and counted to five hundred, twice. Then very carefully I got back inside the rotting house.


Panting, I stood and walked to the door, the rain had socked me to the bone, the ocean air had given me a chill, but I felt better, as I looked outside, everyone was gone I was safe, for now.


I looked around inside house almost everything was wet, but I wandered around, and found some dry shirts, and blankets, pulled them into a dry corner and wrapped myself in them, then knowing that I was still in danger, knowing that there was people with guns looking high and low for me I curled into a ball and went to sleep in the dust smelling rags.


About four hours later I was woken by a bird, it had flown in and started chirping. I didn’t move, not until I had listened to everything, the bird was the only thing making noise, so I got up, my legs ached, as did my arms and back, but I ignored them as I walked around taking care to miss the soft spots in the floor, I stopped in front of a broken mirror it showed me a dirty 17-yeard old, in a rain and mud stained dress pants and shoes, with a hoddie over a dress shirt, my eyes caught the lump in the big pocket of the hoddie, the gun.


It had been a lucky accident, finding that thing, but now I had to think about what to do next, I could still hear the rain outside, looking down at my clothes I was pretty noticeable, my whole appearance screamed “runaway”.


“So,” I said to my reflection, “we need new clothes, and someplace to go.”


I was still exhausted from running, both physically and mentally, and me feet wandered back to the pile of rags, as I landed on them I thought about how I got into this mess.


It started with a strange phone call. The person on the other end told me that my presence was requested at a party of some sorts.


I was bored, and a party might be a good way to cheer up, but it sounded like a prank my friends would play on me, so I told the person on the phone yes, and turned the TV on.


Less than an hour later the door bell rang, I shut the TV off and answered it, my Dad being gone for the week.


I was confronted by a short man with a big box and an envelope, he said it was for saying yes to the offer.


I closed the door and opened the box, inside was a tailor made dress shirt, pants, and tie, no coat.


In the envelope was a ticket, like the kind you need to get into a concert and a piece of paper with directions on it.


Now I was really confused, but in the back of the paper, was a note.




So I wound up at the party, in the clothes supplied, I wanted to know who invited me.


But this was an upper class formal, all the people were rich, you could just tell.


I don’t know if you ever been to one, but I think I was better off at home.


“You, wouldn’t be the son of Mr. Fox? Would you?”


My head turned at the sound of my last name, “yes I am.”


“Ah, I was right, so glad you could make it, we wanted your father to come as well, but I guess not all wishes come true.”


I had no idea what this guy was talking about, my Dad was a travelling businessman, and the guy I was looking at made me feel underdressed.


“Yes, Dad had an important meeting with someone, and the person on the phone asked for me, so here I am.” I said, quite politely.


“Such is life.” The man said, “But I am glad we got the son for the famous Fox here.”


Famous? I thought, I guess it can happen to anyone then.


“Are you one of the people he does business with?” I ask.


“Yes, I suppose I am,” the man looks lost in thought, “one of very few.”


Now he’s got me completely stumped, my Dad did business with a lot of corporations.


“It’s good you know him then.” I said, while thinking, maybe Dad’s got him thinking that for a reason


“Yes, yes, well please I must be off, more people to play host with.” And away he went.


What a strange person I thought as he walked away.


The “party” went on for a little while then a band started playing, then someone grabbed my wrist and dragged my over to the place where everyone was dancing, next thing I knew I was face to face with someone I had never seen before, swaying back and forth in time with the slow music.


“Listen to me,” she said quickly and quietly, “as soon as this song is over you need to go out a second story window, your hoddie is at the best one, and you’re welcome in advance.”


“Who are you, and what is going on?” I ask trying to keep my voice low.


“A friend of your father, but there is no time the song is ending.”


I listened and she was right.


“Thanks for the dance.” She said, and then she was gone.


I not quite sure what happened next, I remember a loud noise, like an explosion, then gunshots.


I ran up the stairs and found my hoddie, then jumped out the window.


That’s when all of this started, I had run for quite a way, but they had caught up, and then…


A creak made my eyes snap open, someone was here, in this damp molding house, and whoever it was had found me, I could tell by the cold metal against my neck, that he had a gun.


“You had a good run kid, but as it stands, you’re better to us dead.”


It was the last thing I head, other than the click of the hammer, connecting with the bullet’s casing.




“Can’t believe he got himself shot, the idiot.”


“it’s not my fault, I told him to run.”


“Would both of you shut up, I’m trying to wake him up.”


“Sorry, sir.”


How can I be hearing voices? I thought groggily, I thought I got shot in the head


“I still can’t believe you brought him back.”


That voice, was male, I could tell now.


I made an odd gargle and tried to open my eyes, so I’m not dead.


“welcome back to the living side.” A soft female voice said.


 I know that voice


“Yes you do, Cat here is the one that got you out, or rather, into this mess.” The male voice said.


I groaned, I didn’t think I had said that out loud.

The End

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