A dragon meets up with a mage and attraction blossoms between these age-old "enemies", They must work together to stop the destruction of the West Side of town.

The Minefield was quiet this Tuesday night, as he half expected and had hoped.  Drake closed the door to the club and was immediately assaulted by the deep bass of the club music.  He hadn't been to a club in a while, and it was the best place to go people watch, in his opinion.

The dance floor was relatively clear, as he walked across it to the bar.  He stood in front of a auburn-copper-haired young man, who filled out his uniform nicely.  Drake smiled at him, who smiled back.  "What'll it be?" asked the young man.

"Surprise me," he said, and sat on the stool.

The young man shrugged and turned to face the bar.  He pulled down a bottle and poured a goodly amount into a glass, and then passed it to him.  He also, surreptitiously, poured him a glass of water. 

The young man took a huge drink and coughed mightily.  The young man handed him a glass.  "What the heck was that?"

"Tequila," the young man said.  "What I usually drink."

"Oh, dear GOD," he coughed and grabbed at the water.  "How can people drink this stuff?"

The young man only chuckled.  "Are you new here?"

"Here, yes.  I'm not from around here.  I go to college up at Millennium City.  I came down here for a change of pace."

"Ah," the young man said, "You took the express flight down here."

"It was cheap enough."

The young man looked around and came around the bar, sliding up to the stool next to him.  He bent over the bar, and pulled up a tray with a broken wine glass on it.  Then he sat and stared at it.

Drake could feel Will and Pressure, but nothing more than that.  "What're you trying to do?"

"Put the cup back together," he said, and sat back with a sigh. 

"You need to be the cup," Drake said, sipping his water.


"Be the cup.  Feel what the cup is and become one with it.  You have to ask yourself, does it want to be broken or whole?"

"Doesn't everything want to be whole?"

"You can hope so.  But sometimes they don't want to be."

The young man scratched his jaw, and then his phone went off.  He looked at it, "Oh!  I have to get this--" and he pushed buttons.  Drake watched him, and noticed what he was doing: Bidding on Ebay.  He smiled - he did that himself alot.  Too often, now that he thought about it.  But it didn't matter, you got some great deals there.

"Gotcha!" he said, throwing a fist in the air. 

"What did you get?"

"Maw Sit-Sit."  He showed Drake a picture of a green stone.  "Oh, you collect gems?"

"Yeah.  This one's a beauty."  He smiled up at Drake.

"I collect Transformers."

"The toys or the merchandise?"


"Really?  That's so cool.  What was the best thing you found?"

"I found Optimus Prime 1 at a garage sale a year or so back.  In the box!"

"Oh, wow...I found a beautiful sapphire at a tag sale, too -"

And they were off.

The End

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