Let's Dance

Her hair was falling over her face as she wrote intensively on a piece of paper. Her lips half parted in concentration, and her gaze fixed on her writting. It was, least to say, amusing.

"Be careful, or the paper might catch on fire." I teased as she kept on with her serious work. She ended her sentence with a period and finally looked up at me, a smirk placed on her rosy lips.

"Sure, because that is just what I plan to do with my essay. Why aren't you finishing yours instead of making fun of me, huh?"

"Because of the simple fact that I am already done with mine, Miss Know-it-All."

"Whatever." Her smirk became a playful smile as she laughed light heartedly. It made my insides light up with joy. "Anyways, that was my conclusion, so basically I'm done with mine as well. Want to proof read it Mr. Know-it-All?" She teased back at me. Her hand reached over the table we were both occupying and handed me a few sheets of paper covered in graceful handwritting. I skimmed through it quickly, making sure to keep a stoic face the whole time, and then handed it back to her while pointing out a few errors here and there. I felt like such a nerd just then.

Rain still fell like cats and dogs outside of my living room, so I decided to turn on the radio while Juliet finished correcting her paper. The station was playing oldies music, and I heard Juliet crack up at the sound of it.

"Really Jed? This is what you listen to in your spare time? Don't make me laugh!"

"Oh, but I already did, you see." She laughed even harder as I proceeded to change the station to something closer to our age range. When some soft music started to play, I left it there and walked back to the table. The music sounded familier, it kind of reminded me of the Beatles, but it wasn't of much importance.

"So, what do we do now?" Juliet stretched her arms behind her as she stood up. We had finished all of our homework and had nothing else to do, and the pouring rain didn't help either.

"Well, we could always play some chess."


I laughed as she dismissed my playful suggestion, then an idea hit me. "Well, how about we dance?"

"Dance?" Her eyebrows raised incredulously.

"Yes, dance. It seems appropiate enough. There's nothing better to do, anyways, and we might as well, since the music is already playing."

"Hmm, okey, as long as you don't step on me."

We both laughed. I felt my stomach do a few flips at the thought of Juliet's body being so close to mine, her face smilling at me, but I calmed myself down just enough so that I would look cool and collected as she came closer to me and put her arms around my neck. I was at least an inch and a half taller than her, so it was just perfect. The music kept playing softly through the speakers as we waltzed in circles in the middle of my living room. Life couldn't get any better than this.

The End

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