A Dozen Heart Breaks

It was raining so hard I thought the sky was falling. The sound of the rain hitting my bedroom window was calming, but it brought frustration. I really wished it was sunny out!

I rolled out of my bed and a small jolt climbed it's way up my spine when my bare feet touched the cold, wooden floor. My dress was crumpled and staticy, clinging to my body on every curve. My hair had been curled for the days events, and now felt as big of a burden as the homework I left undone over the weekend. It was Sunday morning and I currently had nothing to do.

My feet carried me to the bathroom joined to my room, and my hands searched lazely for the light switch. When I finally found it, I flipped it and covered my eyes from the bright, artificial light. My cell phone was vibrating on top of the toilet, making me realize that I had left it there when I was getting ready earlier. That brought back the longing for a sunny day back to me, and the frustration of the rain as well. I noticed that I had ten new texts unopened, and even though I didn't feel like it, I read through each one and answered with no enthusiasm. But when I hit the last text, my whole day seemed to lit up.

Instead of texting back, I decided to call the sender, which made the butterflies I was feeling during the morning wake up in my stomach again. I clutched the phone tightly to my ear and waited for someone to answer.


"Hey! Jerry, it's me, Caroline!"

"Carol! Did you read my text?"

I sat down as I spoke, hoping that the feeling in my stomach would subside. "Yes, I did. I hate the fact that it's raining too."

"Yea, but I was thinking. Do you want to hang out still? We could just chill at my house instead of going to the carnival. And I just rented 'Rip My Heart Out'. We could watch it."

"Rip My Heart Out? But I hate scary movies!"

I heard him laugh at the other line, making me smile. "I know, but I'll be with you the whole time."

Those words melted my insides, and made me forget how I still got horrible nightmares from watching scary movies.

"Okay then! Should I drive over there?"

"Nah, I'm already parked in front of your house. Just come out already!"

I giggled as I pressed the end button on my cell, and ran to the bathroom as fast as I could. My hair still looked fine, and so did my makeup, but the yellow dress I had picked was a mess, so I had to change into something else.

A car honked outside, reminding me to hurry, and I grabed a pair of worned jeans from my bed stand and slipped into a tee shirt. Not be as flirty as the dress, but it would do.

After finally exiting my humble abode, I ran towards the blue Toyota Camry parked on my drive way. The door opened as soon as I reached it, and I jumped in, shaking the water droplets from my hair.

"Glad to see you too."

Jerry smilled at me, and his blue eyes sparkled with excitment. His blonde hair, normally wavy, was frizzy from the humidity, making me giggle.

"What? Is there anything funny?"

"Your afro."

He smiled and laughed a little, passing his hand through the blond locks adorning his head. But what I wasn't expecting was when he ruffled my hair, undoing all the curls I had taken so long to shape. "Hey!"

"That's what you get for laughing at my hair!"

We drove off laughing and playing with each other, ignoring our now messy hair and our clingy clothes.

The End

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