A Breath of SmokeMature



Lunch rolled around at fifth period. I wandered into the crowded lunch room, searching for an empty seat.

The doors from the classrooms burst open behind me, shattering my thoughts.

 I glanced over my shoulder to see Nikki leading a bunch of very goth peers, dressed in black, chattering away like a flock of crows.

But Nikki wasn't speaking. She nodded when they spoke to her, but she herself kept her mouth shut.

They parted around me like water, Nikki looking back for a moment with a puzzled look on her face. Quite a beautiful face too.

I shook my head to clear it, throwing out that revolting thought. She was a self centered, stuck up, good for nothing -

"Hey Drake!" She jogged back towards me, breaking away from the group.

Alright then, maybe she wasn't a bitch. Why had I saved her from that hulking bully anyway?

"Hey," I replied uneasily.

"Want to come with us? We're going outside for a smoke,"

Beyond her, the others were elbowing each other, pointing at me and laughing.

"Actually I...." I trailed off, finding myself at a loss for words.

She smoked? This beautiful mysterious girl had fallen to such a disgusting habit as smoking?

She tugged on my arm, "Come on! It'll be fun!"

I found myself being led away by this fallen angel...deep into hell.

I shivered reflexively at the dark imagery my mind had conjured.

Nikki let go of my arm, allowing me to follow the crowd freely. We walked straight out the double doors to the highschool, outside into the crisp autumn air. I sucked in a lungful of untainted oxygen, knowing that it would be soon filled with the grey trails of cigarette smoke.

Nikki withdrew five white packages from her jacket pockets, tossing them to the others.

There were twelve other teenagers besides her. As they dug around for their lighters, Nikki introduced me to some of them.

There was Emily, her best friend, an emo cutter and somewhat goth. She wore all black and had her dark brown hair tied back in a ponytail. She seemed nice, but her language was a bit rough.

Rage was tall and skinny, sporting a red mohawk on his shaved head. Various piercings showed off silver studs and rings all over his body. He even had an illegal underage tattoo on his wrist of a bleeding heart - the emo symbol.

The last of the twelve she bothered to introduce was nicknamed 'Zero'. He refused to give out his real name. He had black hair that was cut lopsided and messy, strange amber eyes peering out from the tangled mess.

I stood next to Nikki while she blew rings of smoke into the sky, "Sure you don't want one?" She rattled the almost empty package of cigarettes in front of my face.

I shook my head rapidly till I was dizzy, "No, no...I'm fine, thanks,"

She shrugged, pocketing the box.

We stood in silence next to each other, me trying to breathe. Well, she was probably trying to breathe as well. Why on earth do people smoke?

"So um..." I shuffled my feet. It had been a lame attempt to break the silence.

"Yes?" She flicked slightly burning ash onto the ground.

"How did you start smoking?" There, I said it. I bit my lip, awaiting my fate.

But Nikki merely sighed, releasing a dusty cloud of grey into the air before her face. It was almost beautiful, in its own sinful way.

"That's a long story," She breathed, her eyes focusing on something unseen.

A long story that I had time to hear.



The End

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