Facing the GoliathMature



I almost turned around to talk to Drake properly. But I knew that was no way to invite him to our side.

Caught up in my thoughts, I didn't notice that Butch Harrison was standing in right in front of me.

"Hey sparkles," He laughed heartily, spittle flying from his lips.

Butch was one of the tallest students in the ninth grade. He towered over me, his shirt reeking of mold and dog shit.

I tried to move around him but he blocked me with a massive meaty arm, "Heh heh, looks like you're gonna be late to class,"

I folded my arms, glaring up at the behemoth. He mimicked my gesture, smiling grotesquely.

"Leave her alone," My head whipped around, strands of hair whipping the sides of my face.

Drake stood behind me, his jaw set in anger.

"Whatcha gonna do about it Brit?" Butch laughed heartily, pushing me out of his way as he lumbered towards Drake. He gripped the front of his shirt, hoisting him into the air.

"Huh? I said, what are you going to do about it?" He shook Drake like a rag-doll till one of his shoes fell with a thud.

Drake's response to this was to spit in his face. Literally, he spit in his face! I couldn't help but smile with glee as Butch's face grew red with anger, his eyes screwed up.

His giant meaty hand released the newcomer. A wimp would have crumpled like paper from such a drop. But Drake found his footing and stood to face his attacker.

The bell rang, alerting the many dawdlers wandering the now almost empty halls that they would be late for class.

"This ain't over," Butch growled, his eyes disappearing into his thick bald skull as he narrowed them.

I grinned broadly at Drake, "Thanks!"

He returned the grin halfheartedly, "I'm going to be late to class on my first day,"


The End

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