The Darkest WatersMature



Who was that girl anyway? Oh well, it didn't matter. I put the thought out of my mind and fell into the nearest desk, my head falling with a clunk onto the grey surface.

I was so exhausted, I could barely feel my numb limbs. Thank God for homeroom. I quickly found myself drifting off to a dream-haunted slumber.

I can't get the window down! Oh God - Gennasea? GENN!

The bell rang, interrupting my intense memory filled dream. I scooped up my text books and other school related miscellanea and plodded mournfully down the hall to my next torture room.

I couldn't help but think of the dream, my mind traveling back to that fateful day when -

I bumped into someone and my books went flying across the floor earning me the stares and laughter of my peers.

"Oh I'm so sorry!" I looked up to meet Nikki's stunning green eyes.

"No, its fine," We both knelt to the smooth tiled floor to pick up my things.

There was a kindness in her voice I hadn't heard before...

Which quickly melted.

"See ya, klutz," She shoved my books in my arms and continued on her way, her long red hair swishing back and forth with every step.

"Who are you?" I murmured.

The End

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