A Doctor's Heart

A medical fantasy story.


She had just finished watching the live broadcast of the 400m race held at the London Olympics, and was completely awed by the performance of the winner who had finished the run in just about a little less than a minute! Being a medical student, things like human endurance fascinated her. "How cool it must be for these athletes to be able to achieve such great speeds,"she thought, but what wrenched her heart every time she saw a race, was the footage the reporters showed of the athletes trying to recover after the race. What pissed her off was how inconsiderate the reporters were to those poor athletes who had just finished the race, expecting the tired athletes to give them some bytes.

"Sick! When will these stupid reporters ever come to their senses?" The athlete who won the race today was on her mind all day long. Tall, dark, muscular, handsome...lying on the race track trying to gulp in as much air as he could after the grueling race, his chest heaving for each breath. "Poor guy, he must have trained so hard for this event. Am sure, not many would know about the hardwork behind this fame he has achieved today." Feeling a great sense of empathy for this man literally wash over her, she fell into an exhausted sleep, tired from the long day at med school and hours of  lab work.

She thought she heard someone panting, almost out of breath and wheezing. The 'doctor' in her quickly became alert. "Someone needs my help I think..." Grabbing her stethoscope she quickly made a dash to the door and the next minute she found herself looking over Samuel, the athlete she so admired, and had until now seen him only on the TV. His rapid breathing scared her as she had never seen anyone in such a distressed state. Surprisingly there were no reporters around him, and that felt like a huge relief to her.  But hey...where was everyone? It was as if the crowd had left after the race, and this guy was left here alone on the race track to sort himself out.

Quickly placing the chest piece (bell) of the stethoscope over his sweaty chest she listened....listened to the frantically beating heart of her favorite athlete, not imagining even for a minute that her wildest dream had come true!

His heart was hammering against her stethoscope and all she could do at that moment was listen to it and will it slow down. She tried estimating his heart rate, but it was too fast. "Damn! I should have got the heart rate monitor with me," she mumbled. This was her very first 'field' experience so she decided that being too harsh on herself was probably not worth it. She continued looking at Samuel who was still sprawled on the race track and hoped that he would feel fine soon. After what seemed like ages, which in fact was just about 10 minutes, she felt him calling out her name.

"How do you know my name Sam?"
"The badge on your coat says so doc," he said, taking shallow breaths.
"Oh! Yeah, that's me. Are you feeling okay enough to sit up?," she asked him while gently placing her hand under his head in order to help him sit up.
"Yeah am fine. It was a hell of a race, wasn't it?" "
Absolutely! You know I never miss any of your races. You really do make our country proud!"
Sam smiled, picking himself up from the track he said, "thanks for being here today....at least someone cares for me." With this he vanished in a poof and Vanessa stood there on the track trying to shut out the shrill ringing in her ears whilst not believing what an incredible encounter that was with her favorite athlete.

Realizing that it was not Tinnitus that she was experiencing, rather it was her alarm clock, she finally managed to switch it off only to realize that her classes were due to begin in another 30 minutes! Reaching her class just in time, Vanessa heaved a sigh of relief. It was going to be a long day ahead, and she hoped that the dream last night wouldn't come in the way of her academic pursuits.

Vanessa had worked hard to get into one of the top medical schools in the world - Johns Hopkins. Now that she had arrived here about 4 months ago she knew that all the efforts she had put in, in her application were surely going to pay off. Majoring in Human Physiology from Boston University, she had striven to create an outstanding application for med school, so when she was finally accepted into the school of her choice, her joy knew no bounds! Now all that remained for her to do was to focus and do her best in the next four years at school.

Hands resting on his knees, drenched in sweat, the only sound he could hear was his heavy breathing. "Great work Sam!" his coach yelled from far away. "We are meeting in the evening at 5, don't forget!" Sam motioned a "cheers" to him and then slowly walked away with a million thoughts flooding his mind.

The End

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