A Distant Daydreamer

A beatific smile. Hand clasping another gentle hand. The peace and serenity could calm an angry irishman. Slow running water flowed down the hilltops, splashing gently into the stream below. Fish roamed happily under the light blue, transparent water. Darkness had become overpowered by  the glistening brightness from the sun, meeting and greeting the happy couple. 

Jack turned his head, smiling at his new wife. She started to stir slightly, half a smile grew across her face.  Her beauty was a natural beauty, none of this artificial beauty, with artificial chemicals being slapped over her face. His heart warmed. New prosperity, new possibilities, pure happiness. It was like all the darkness from his miserable world, his miserable ex-girlfriend, demanding mother and overwhelming debts seemed to be left behind. No annoying step-daughter, no influence from drugs or cigarettes. No demands, no hassle, nothing. 

He continued to indulge himself in his tight cuddle with her. Gentle and careful not to wake her though.  Embrace her, feeling her warmth. He would cherish these days and many more like these. He was in love. 

A bubble big, bold, dark and dreary loomed in front. Floating, getting closer and closer. It was making a bee-line towards him. Growing bigger and bigger, towering over him. Pop!

The step-daughter cackled in her horrible manner.

Jack awoke, to discover that she had burst his bubble.  

The End

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