Things take a Turn For the Worse

"You did WHAT!" Bingo gaped at Taro, his face an expression of utter incredulity.

Taro shifted uncomfortably, he'd known this would happen from the moment he'd mentioned it. Now he was in for the biggest lecture of his life, and about something that wasn't even his fault. As if this day couldn't get any worse.

"The District Lord's daughter! Lightfingers, you idiot how did you get yourself into this mess, now we'll have half the city after you!"

"Look it wasn't my fault she grabbed me, I was trying to get away!" Taro protested, trying to make him see sense. Bingo ignored him and continued to rant.

Taro gritted his teeth and endured it, trying to keep his temper under control. This wasn't fair, it hadn't even been his fault in the first place. He'd got away, what did it matter? She'd never seen his face, so how was he in any danger? Why was Bingo making such a big deal of it, yes it had been a close shave but it had hardly been a disaster.

"We'll have to keep you off the streets for a few days, just to be sure. We'll have to take care of the thieving for a few days. Honestly, you really are a fool Taro. I need to find Sooty, there's a warehouse down by Waterside that needs torching. You stay here, don't leave the house unless I say so. I'll deal with you later."

With that, Bingo stalked out of the room, still muttering under his breath. When he'd gone, Taro turned and slammed his fists into the wall, yowling an inane curse as he did so. This was a fiasco, now he'd be stuck in this derelict junkyard for days! Just my luck, he thought, just my rotten, stinking luck.

Little did he know that things were going to get a whole lot worse in days to come...

The End

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