A Dish Called Revenge

This was my first work on Protag... and frankly, I no longer have any idea what to do with it.

If you want to have a go, do. I don't know what to do with it any more...

"Stop, get back here you wretch!"

The fat merchant's roars were lost in the cacophany of noise as Taro darted this way and that between the rows and rows of market stalls. He could hear people pursuing him, but he soon lost them in the thick crowds of people that milled about the great marketplace. Taro sniggered to himself, that was just too easy, it was almost as if that man had wanted to have his purse cut. He hadn't even noticed until he had tried to give change to a client and, reaching for his purse, had grasped nothing but empty air. If only Taro hadn't been too preoccupied with making his getaway to remember to hide the damned thing, then he wouldn't have been noticed. Ah well, he thought, there's plenty more fish in the sea. It was hardly as if there weren't other unsuspecting victims here, this place was full to bursting with people of every age, colour and race. It was a perfect place for thieving, particularly for someone as skilled as Taro Lightfingers.

Slipping quietly down a side alley, Taro began to weave his way towards the eastern side of the city. Leaving behind the well-lit, cobbled streets of the port, Taro ducked under an empty cart and vanished into the gloomy slum district that lay beyond. There was no way anyone could follow him here, the narrow dirty alleyways twisted and interlinked so often that anyone who didn't know their way would swiftly become lost in the labyrinth of back-alleys and dead ends. Rats and other vermin were plentiful and the stench from the open sewers meant the air was thick with flies. Pushing through a group of scruffy children, Taro approached a derelict building that stood at the edge of the street, its wooden frame chipped and worn with age and the windows like empty sockets. Quickly glancing around to check that the coast was clear, Taro knocked quietly on the door. A pair of eyes peered momentarily through a slit and then the door creaked open to reveal a completely bare interior. As Taro darted inside, the door closed again, shutting out the daylight and plunging the interior into total darkness.

The End

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