A difficult beginning

This story was something i just suddenly felt i needed to write down when i was 12 it kind of expressed a lot of what i had inside and i thought it may help other teens out there with similar problems.
i might need to proof read it all but it was done many years ago and i thought it would be nice as one of my first stories
It is basically about a young girl who had a rough childhood not as sheltered as most, and how though her years things that are good just keep going bad.
lets hope t

Chapter 1

This is the end of my beginning, when my life takes a turn for the worst. Not just like every teenager, mine has an Eastenders like feel to it. Girl, lost, girl found. The typical life of a teen girl, but my story has two endings…..

It begins with a smile, and ends with a …………….

Chapter 2

My life really began when I first arrived at The Edge High School, the same month in which I had moved in to live with my father. Like all children I was terrified that no one would like me, and boy was I right.
 Every new girl is the centre of attention when it comes to attending a new school, especially an all girls’ school; everyone has to get in there first, who new I wouldn’t be a typical Shanna all blonde and cute, with a great taste for clothes and dead pretty.  Like the name Mia really shows that I’m that sort of person? Yes, my name is Mia.
 Mia Rene Bradford and I’m aged 16.
 I am a quite strange girl really as all my friends and family say, I’m pretty wild and a little rebellious, but I can do cute, I am the major flirt of my group, which is how my life took a turn for the worst, seriously guys are not worth your hearts.  Well as I was saying personality wise I can be spontaneous, which can be reflected on my looks, I go from a preppy style, of short skirts big hair, large handbag, to a emo style of again big hair, which I love seeing as it is naturally that way, and loads of black clothes, and no I am not a Goth. I am an emo…e.m.o…an emotional person, who uses music and clothes to reflect her emotions, Goths just wear black and purple and huge wedge shoes and piercing everywhere. Cool right? Just not me.
Well I have an average look about me, brown hair, brown eyes, not too tanned skin, even though I have an Italian and Greek family, which is soo unfair as my brothers and cousins all have really olive skin so always look tanned.
Anyway enough about the way I look back to the real story, you see I walked into the classroom, with a large black Ted Baker side bag, hair pulled back in the style of a pineapple and collar out over the top of my navvy jumper. Everyone turned to look so I smiled at them, by the time everyone had done asking questions and finding out who I was, I was left sat in the corner on my own. I was ignored most of the time by my form until I made my first friend, my best friend of 6 months, it just didn’t work out. Her name was Sarah Ranashore.  I met her when I was being moved to a different textiles class because they didn’t have enough room for me. As usual the feel of being unwanted.  So anyway when I came and sat next to her she smiled her cute smile and in her girly little voice said hi I’m Sarah you must be Mia, and from that day we sat together every single lunch and break, and I told her all my secrets like the reason I moved here and why I came half way through the year. We always went round each others houses and bought friendship necklaces and bracelets for each other. You know as you do with your best friend I’m a little too old for that now, come on you have to admit the cheesy little charms with one saying best in a heart, and the other saying friend. Now we just use a colourful string bracelet, much cooler I say. But like I said it didn’t last long. The end of our great friendship started on the week I met my best friend of all times who is still to this day. One lunch time I saw a few people from my form and another, outcasts really, as they weren’t like everyone else, except Bianca Greenwood who was part of the forms so called popular group, but her split from them is another story later to be told, it is sort of how we began to get close. Well Sarah walked over to talk to Bianca as they were still good friends, they used to be best friends in primary school, but Bianca had drifted away, so I walked with her and started to listen in on a conversation with some of the other girls, there conversation seemed to fascinate me they were talking about something I had never heard of before. Anime, a type of Japanese cartoon style film, also a manga can be classed as anime, as it is the comical version of these. So I sat down next to a tall girl with dark, shoulder length hair and dark brown eyes, which when looked at made you feel uneasy, she had very pale skin, and was incredibly skinny, she almost resembled a vampire like figure, with her stern look, and vocabulary in which she used when talking. She explained to me about anime, and how I have already seen it before, in programs such as Pokémon, digemon, etc. I was surprised to here this, but I was invited to come to a anime club with them, which was held that Thursday, where you can watch movies, and talk about recently read mangas, as well as learning how to draw in that style. When I told Sarah about it she just sat there blankly and said, “I don’t like anime, lets not Mia, I’ll meet you at the bench ok” it wasn’t a question but I didn’t care I wanted to go so I said no I would see her after lunch, and was going to meet Bianca and the weird vampire girl, who I later founds name was Remi. Another girl I found that was going was Charlotte, who was an outcast of my form, because of the way she acted, and for some strange reason her sun allergy.  After this I began dragging Sarah along to come sit with them at lunch times, talking about the latest anime that we had just seen, and playing our special game of VR. VR was our favourite game in the world we played it all the time in class, at lunch and even at home telling each other about it the next day. VR means virtual reality, it was our way of shutting ourselves out from the world, we had our own characters who fought creatures in this world and met other friends and fell in love, it was an easy way of life for us, a way for us to do the things we wanted and got what we wished for like a RPG (role playing game) you get on the computer. But one lunch Sarah had gone to the toilet and locker which she does everyday, but instead of me going with her this day. I stayed with Bianca and the others. We had this tuck shop at school were you could buy chocolates and sweets at lunch, so Bianca and I went to go get a freddo (chocolate bar) and a jolly jelly (a shaped gummy sweet), when I came back Sarah, started shouting saying I was going off with Bianca when I was meant to be her best friend and why couldn’t we just sit at our bench like we used to. But I wanted to have lots of friends not just have the one so I couldn’t understand what I had done; I only had gone to get some sweets and bought her a freddo. In the end she went off to the form room, so me and Bianca went after her, and we talked and ended up making up. Me and Bianca started to mess around though because we started to get a little hyper on the sweets so I started waving the jolly jelly  in front of Sarah’s face, but she hates Jolly Jellies, she says they have crushed cow bones in it, but that’s not true it contains gelatine which is found in the bones,  well Sarah started to get frustrated while trying to make a Scooby key ring,  so started hitting me in the face with the plastic strings, it got me in the eye so I ran to the toilets to have a look, I was so upset I didn’t know what I had done I didn’t do anything too bad I was only messing around…so I let her calm down and went to sit with the others, I told Charlie(Charlotte) about what had happened, but when we went to the form Sarah grabbed her by the wrists and was screaming in her face asking what I had said, I was really upset and now so was Charlie, most people in the form saw and started to have a go at her, which wasn’t helpful, as in ICT I was having comments through saying I was a cow. I couldn’t stand it any longer so sent a final message saying…what you mean you, with an attachment of a cow.
We made up eventually laughing about the whole thing, but the sad thing is we were never best friends again, but on the positive side we stayed good friends.

The End

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