Venturing Forth

The next morning Matt woke up wondering if the ship had run aground. Then he remembered he had reached Rainbow Island and was sleeping in the royal, if one could put it that way, castle. Suddenly a knock on the door brought him fully awake.

"Who is it?" Matt asked.

"Tommy. You'd better get dressed soon because we're leaving early," Tom answered.

"I'll be out in a few minutes. Would you waiting for me, for I'll probably get lost."



"So the horses are ready and saddled?" asked Christy.

"Right and I had Dianna make some sandwiches just in case," answered Tom.

"Where are we going?" asked Matt.

"You'll see, mostly the farms plus an extra privalage. Believe me you're going to be the first forienger to see this and only us three have been there," answered Mony.

"Mony, please, he doesn't need someone to make him more curious than he is," said Christy.

They soon finished breakfast and headed outside to where the horses were waiting. As they rode out of the city gates Christy asked Matt if he had any questions.

"I was wondering if having no money about helped keep the people happy. You know, so there aren't any robbers, things like that," Matt asked

"Well my father could tell you more but it does cut down on dissagreements. We do still have problems though."

"Christy, when will we get to go?" Tommy asked eagerly.

"Probably not today anyway, I doubt we'll go. It's only his first visit. So lets not talk about it O.K.?"


The End

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