Talk About the Island

They stepped into the banquet room and sat down on the curved staircase.

"Matt, this is Monica, my best friend."

"Hi Matt," said Monica.


"First we must ask: did you read any books on Rainbow Isalnd, if you did what are their names?"

"Yes and it was The Legand of rainbow Island," answered Matt.

"How'd you get that? It's only found here," wondered Monica.

"Arica lent it to me on the voyage over," answered Matt.

"Good, that'll save a lot of explaining, unless you have any questions, which we can answer tomorrow."

"Matt, I hope you don't mind my not addressing you fromaly," said Monica, "What type of travel do you like best, carriage, horseback, foot or flying? Just kidding."

"Carriage please, unless you prefer hourseback," answered Matt.

Horses, I believe. Monica can ride with me and Matt, if you don't mind, Tommy can ride with you."

"Who's Tommy?"

"A pain in the butt, no he's a freind, real good with animals and is also one of the club," Monica answered.

"What club?"

"It's club that deals with two places on this Island that no one but us visitis. Don't worry though they're, the people, are afraid of nothing but stories. You'll see what I mean," responded Cristy.

The End

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