After the Feast

Soon all of them stood up and walked out a finely embrodered red velvet curtain into a large ball room. Matt walked up to Cristy and said, "We can't use the whole hall."

"Oh," said Cristy, "The ball is open to any who can come. Even the Peasents."

"I wish my kingdom was small enough to do that." Matt said with a sigh. "But I should be glad I am not as isolated as I could be."

"Hey!" Albert exclaimed, "What are they are doing here?" He said pointing to the peasents and servents dressed in their best.

Cristy laughed and said. "It's an open ball and if you don't like it you can dance by yourself in the other room."

"No thank you I think I'll join in the fun," Albert replied.

Soon too men appeared and stationed themselves at the oposite sides of the curtain. and each started to pull a rope.The rope pulled the curtain apart to reveal the banquet table loaded with all types of goodies; from fruit punches to ice cream, from vegtables and vegetable dips to sofisticated chocolates made right in the castle for this occasion.

"Excuse me," said Cristy, "but I would like to meet the guests and there're some new faces I haven't seen before," with that she wandered off.

"She believes in being friendly with the people," explained King Charly. "It will help her when she becomes the ruler of this Island."

Mathew decided to sit down and rest for the trip across the ocean had tiered him out. Soon a girl came up to him and asked. "Have you seen Cristy? I know she's here somewhere."

"Ah, I don't know who she is," Matt replied

"Oh, I'm sorry I mean Princess Cristalina. I forgot you wouldn't know her by her nickname," said the girl.

"She's right over there," Matt said pointing toward the small orchestra.

"Thanks, but come with me for Cristy told me to brin gyou with me when I go to find her."

"Okay," said Matt following the girl wondering who she was.

As soon as they came up to Cristy, she cried out, "Oh there you are, I was looking for you."

"Well you weren't looking very hard," retorted the girl.

That's not how you treat a princess thought Matt, but maybe Cristalina doesn't mind it.

"I was until Tommy asked me something," answered Cristy, "Now, we need to talk about this Island here. Follow me."

The End

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