The Guests

First Prince Albert wearinggrey slacks, black shoes with a white puffy styled shirt with a blue embrodered octagon that had a teardrop shaped diamond in the middle of it. He came with Princess Arica who was wearing a light grey dress with pale pink ruffle along the bottom and a pink embrodered rose under her shoulder. They carried a fairly large package wrapped in greenish colored tissue paper, which was the same color as their eyes and they both had short golden curly hair.

Next came King Johnathan wearing pale yellow slacks, light brown shoes, a deep dark orange short sleeved shirt and a shiny blue cape with red trim.  Queen Shara was wearing a bright yellow dress with white dasies on the collar and grean leaves and stems connecting them. They carried with them a brown and yellow package.

After them came Prince Edward, he was wearing a white and blue striped shirt with dark blue pants which matched his eyes. With him came Princess Maria, she was wearing a rose red dress with a pink carnation embrodered below her right shoulder. They carried a shiny black package which matched their hair.

Then Prince Mathew came in wearing a pair of bunny rabbit brown pants and a sunshine yellow shirt. His hair was mousy brown and curly, his eyes were greeny grey and in his shirt pocket was a little orange package. Matt was helping William the priest wheel in a large wheelbarrow full of gifts. Will was wearing a long brown robe which matched his eyes and accented his blong curly hair.

After they all came up, placed their gifts by Cristy's chair (Matt and Will left the wheelbarrow by the throne) and curtsied or bowed to the royal family, they all sat down to a fair sized feast.

The End

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