The Royal Family

The Princess's name is Cristalina Carintine but she is ordinary and likes to be called Cristy. She has long dark strawberry brown hair, dark blue sparkling eyes and red lips. Christy had just turned thirteen and was wearing a pale green cotton dress. It had white lace at the collar and light pink silk roses around the bottom with green embrodered vines and leaves between them.

Cristy was sitting on her balconey when she saw a cariage it was drawn by four dapple grey hourses. the carriage was white and had a rainbow over each door.

"Oh my gosh!" thought Cristy "it's the visitor's carriage."

She rushed into her room fixed her hair into a high pony tail with a pink lace bow. She rushed through that room and the next, which was hers as well, composing herself she walked gracefully out the door and into the hall. She meet up with Queen Clarion in the hall, Clarion had medium long brown curly hair, blue grey eyes and pink lips. She was wearing a blue-green cotton dress like her daughter's only with red roses.

"You must have seen the carriage," the Queen mused.

"Of course," answered Cristy, "come let us go meet the guests."

They walked down the hall and a ceder staircase into a huge hall that was twenty feet wide and fourty feet long. At the left end of the hall were three chairs on a platform two feet above the floor. King Charly was already sitting on his silver chair with golden arm rests and a blue velvet back and seat. He was wearing blue slacks a white short sleeved shirt, a red cap with white trim and a golden crown with emeralds in the points and opals around the bottom. He had short curly brown hair and blue eyes.

The two women sat down in their silver cahirs that had red velvet backs and seats and just in time for the herold blue his trumpet to announce the guests. The great wooden doors opened wide to admit the guests.

The End

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