A Different Planet

The original Rainbow Island, as written in a little Mead notebook from Wal-Mart that cost $1.12 in 1987. Transcribed here with as little editing as possible.


This is the original form of Rainbow Island (see author guidance if you want to read the revised version). I am typing directly from the notebook in which it was written, by me. I even had the thought to put down the year, 1987. I was ten (and now you can figure out how old I am). So with as little editing as possible, which might make the chapter breaks a little weird, I give you:



On a small planet about the size of earth the land was spread apart and young. The planet was called Comay and shared a sun with six other planets. On this planet is a medium sized island which is oval shaped like an egg with trees freckling it and a mountain is the brown crack at the top with a huge forest as the nest.

The Island is called Rainbow Island because on bright sunshiny days you can see a rainbow stretch across from the forest to the mountains. Lying in between the forest and the mountains is a lowland of grass and trees. On this lowland there are seven major farms and one town, Stardust, the capital, a castle was built, in which the Princess, the King and Queen live.

The End

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