Waking up

     My eyes felt as if they'd been stitched shut. I couldn't open them no matter how hard I tried. After a couple minutes of trying to open my eyes, I gave up and lapsed into unconciousness once again.

     Waking up the second time was about the same. But this time, more painful. It felt as if I were ripping the stitches out. I gave up once more and passed out.

     The third time was completely different. I was prepared for the stitches, and pushed as hard as I could. My eyes flew open and the first thing I saw was a bright light. My arm flew up to cover my eyes without my control. Blinking the light out of my eyes, I tried to sit up. The only thing that happened was a slight tugging sensation at the base of my spine.

     As if on cue, a nurse walked into my room.

     "Oh! You're awake, finally!" She began going through my file. "How are you feeling?"

     "My head is pounding. Why can't I sit up?" My voice rasped.

     "Oh... Well, I think Dr. Marshall had better explain that to you. I'll go get him." She left, flats clicking on the tiled floor of the hospital.

     I lay in bed, waiting for the nurse to return, knowing something was wrong.

The End

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