A Different Kind of Boy

Drunk drivers, hospitals... My usual kind of thing. :)

     He had strawberry blond hair, light blue eyes, and warm, pale skin. He was gentle, playful, strong, brave, and everything a girl could wish for in their Knight in Shining Armor. While other boys dreamt of Playboy bunnies and monster trucks, this beautiful boy dreamt of  watching his numerous grandchildren next to his grey-haired wife. Little did I know, he would enter my life through the door of a hospital room.

May 25th

     Walking towards the mall, me and my friends were talking and laughing, barely paying attention to our surroundings. Having walked this way many times before, we could have gone to the mall blindfolded. Getting to the mall was no problem. It was getting home that troubled me.

     My friends hated taxis. They said taxi drivers always creeped them out, so we usually walked home from the mall. I had a bad feeling this time, so I opted for a taxi. As usual, we walked. I was simply no match for the puppy dog eyes. Since I lived the farthest away from the mall, I ended up walking about twenty blocks by myself. Unfortunately, I never did make it home. I got about halfway there, in fact.

     Crossing the street, my phone started to beep. A text message from my mom, asking when I'd be home. I was halfway into writing, "Almost there," when I heard someone yelling. I couldn't make out what they were saying over the sound of a loud motor. Out of nowhere, my feet were pulled out from under me. There was pressure on my back, followed by red hot, searing pain. I cried out in agony, but nothing came out of my mouth but a gust of breath. The pain came again as the second set of tires drove over me. Everything went black to the sound of screeching tires and the terrified screams of bystanders. Though I was no longer concious, and wouldn't be for a while, the police would later tell me that, other than the color and type of car it was, they hadn't any license plates, and the driver remained unidentified.

The End

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