Mysterious goings on

The unexpected letter baffled me and filled my with a mix of contrasting emotions: confusion, happiness, bewilderment and anger (that I hadn't been shown the darn thing sooner). Many girls commented on my locket, but no-one took much notice. Charlotte, though, eyed it enviously. It was small, heart shaped and black as a starless sky. The chain was golden and encrusted with utterly tiny crystals. I also got some funny looks, as such a piece would be seen odd to be in the possession of a mere scullery maid. The afternoon was peaceful, until a squeaky voice boomed (what a strange combination?) through the mansion. "Line up in the main hall!" Mercy had summoned us.


In the grand hall, there was much noise and muttering about the cause of this random gathering. The buzz of excitement that hung in the air was replaced by fear as Mercy and Lady Primrose herself strolled in. Lady Primrose was pretty and petite, but I did notice her eyes were red from crying. "Inspection!" Mercy ordered. Our immaculate line straitened as she swaggered past our faces, explaining, no, shouting, the reason for this meeting. Was one of us getting the sack or something? The head maid said- sorry, yelled- that someone had stolen a small diamond that belonged to Lady Primrose's mother from the Lady Primrose's gem box. My coal-like necklace became cold as ice against my chest. From Mercy's position, she was eying me suspiciously. Knowing her, she would have come to her senses and leave me be, until Charlotte boldly exclaimed, "Eva's got a new locket! You should look there!" My heart leapt into my mouth, and, once swallowed back down, thumped so loud and hard I thought it was going to explode. 


Mercy sauntered towards me, yanked the locket from my body and prized it open. Stupid Charlotte and her big mouth. "Aha!" Mercy cried with glee, before holding it up for all to see. There was a gasp. Charlotte smirked. I was stunned. "But I found that an hour ago in an envelope addressed to me!" I blurted out. Becky and Lizzy nodded, as they had been there at the time. Other maids showed their knowledge, too. "Too bad. Eva Faith, you have been discovered for stealing. What have you got to say for yourself?" was my unsympathetic reply from Mercy. Course, I wanted to say Thats not fair! You didn't give me a chance, you doofus! But it came out as, "Charlotte stood me up!" Charlotte put on her innocent eyes and no-one dared agree with me. No matter how obvious to me that it was Charlotte who should get the sack, no-one would believe me. 


I was a thief and I didn't even know it. . .

The End

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