Memoirs lost in a locket

They day carried out its usual manner. June had brought an early Summer, warming the house and substituting for the hearth. The Lord and lady Primrose aloud us all the afternoon of. As I strolled through the house, I couldn't help but notice that something was different about the entrance hall table. Realising it was only an envelope, I cautiously (I don't know why I was being cautious) walked towards it. "To Evafath?" I asked myself, a little too loudly.The maids walking past giggled at my miss translation. "To Evil Faith?" I guessed again. More laughter. "To Eva Faith!" I exclaimed triumphantly. The sniggering stopped and the maids continued on outside. Hang on I thought who's Eva Faith? I slapped myself hard around the face and called myself a dunce. The heat was obviously getting to me! I was Eva Faith. The letter was addressed to me! Seeing as it was mine, I saw no harm in opening it.


Inside was an old, withered piece of yellow, crinkly paper with writing sprawled clumsily all over it. Funny, I thought, how it sounded as if I were describing Mercy. I shan't mention how the writing got there, seeing as I'm supposed to keep rude things to myself! Somehow, I managed to read the letter, which said:


Dear Eva,

Your father and I are truly sorry what we've done to you. Leaving you to fend for yourself is hardly what a parent should do. Please know it is for the best. Here is a gift that we wish for you to have as a token of our love.

Love Your mother and father



Inside was a black locket. Instintaniously, I hung it round my neck. I realised what I had to do. I had to find my family. . .

The End

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