Breakfast Time Chaos

I ventured downstairs to be greeted by the encouraging smells of pancakes. Stepping into the kitchen, I nearly slipped head over heals. The floor had been moped a little too well. Then I remembered that today wasn't just any Saturday. It was April Fools Day Saturday. Oh joy. My friends Lizzy and Becky were chasing each other around with soapy dish cloths. Please don't ask me why, because I don't know. Anyway, people were just messing around until a high voice behind me asked, "Could somebody please tell me what is going on?" Silence. One of the braver girls who had (unlike me) been in the room for the past ten minutes, pointed gingerly towards the calendar. In a big black circle were the words April Fools Day. Mercy nodded. I'd always thought Mercy was quite a fitting name because if you did something slightly out of line she would find out. Then you had to get down on your knees and beg, "Mercy, please!" 


Once everyone had settled down, we had to test the pancakes. Actually, it was my turn to test the pancakes. My mouth burst in to flames. No, not literally, but that was how it felt. The other maids snickered as I drank what seemed t be a rivers worth of water. "Alright!" I said in such a dangerous, sharp edged tone that the snickering maids looked a bit scared, but I continued to say, "Who put the chili sauce in the mixture?" More silence. None of them said anything, but I could tell from the way they all looked at Charlotte, that she had had something to do with it. The nerve! 


I got my revenge. "Charlotte," I said, smiling, yet my voice was icy cool,  "Seeing as you think your so good at making pancakes, how about you remake them? And I wouldn't try protesting, it'll only waste time! And I would hate to see you punished when we tell the Lord and Lady what you've done!" Charlotte scowled at me, walked towards the bin with the fire mixture and tipped the whole lot in. 


Mercy decided I had things under control when the Lady of the house called her. She left in such a rush, that she slipped on the wet floor, sending her flying up the corridor. At least she got there fast. And hey, a broken arm would get you time off work. Probably. Maybe. Perhaps. I think so. Oh, I don't know! But at least we'd solved the pancake problem, which has to be a good thing, right? The bell rang from the dining room and so I would have to face my second voyage of discovery today. In the dining room. . .

The End

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