Stop wasting time

I wait for u to notis me but you dont u just keep on saying order order the priministers anser must be herd order order most unseemly beahvour.

I wait outsyd parlament for u to notis me ur the boy of my dreems but u dont come out bicause their having a second reeading of the biznis rates supliment bill and the british muzeum act 1963 amendment bill and the revyzd dangerus dogs act 1991 and the iquality and diversity riform bill and so on in their and it makes me sad bicause i want to see ur face and tell u how i feel about u.

Y cant someone else tak over as speeker of the house of commons for the day after all u have deputy alan hazilhurst he culd do it and then u and me culd go to that ice creem van by westminstrel bridge and have an ice creem and tak about stuff and we culd have a sleepover and we culd play with my x box and just hang out.

But no u never have time for me ur always to buzy going order order theirs quite a hubub of genrel chit chat at the moment including from some members whove been lucky enouff to have asked a question order order the honorable gentilman shuldnt even be using a mobile fone in hear i wuld ask him to leave the chamber order order.

But maybe one day u will come out and we culd eat that ice creem by westminstrel bridge.

The End

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