Next step

Risk yourself to do something diferent today.

Go out off  your way to find who is the person sitting across you.

Smile more often.

Live life fully.

Go and see a show.

Walk in the park nearest to your house,don`t go alone (ask a friend to came with you-talk).

Go out to dinner at least once a month.

Basicaly just live.

We are humans.

 To me  we  have forgoten  the habilty to feel.

To experiment the ultime reason I say makes humans.

We experience Joy.

For little things: a childs laugther,puppies,that look the person gives to you when you  awake first in the morning,the smell of rain,yes it is Englad.

We are capable of so much,and yet we forget to do the most simple thing of all.

We have forgaten to simple:Live.

The End

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