A descend to places we falter....

In the awakenning of your senses.
Realise this much.
One day you shall cease to exist.
Do you want to go without making a diference in somebody`s life ?
Are you that shallow ?

Have you ever had the change to look at the faces of the people that you  pass by on your way out of the house?

On a daily day how many people do you think you see?

How many of those are part of your inner circle?

Family ,friends,people you work with.

 The papper men,bus driver ,the shop kepper?

The homeless on the street?

You are a part of a society that is so busy moving at a pace that has no time to stop and acknowledge the ones that fall trough the crack.

No disrespect for all of us who are out there working.

God only knows how many hours we do  to make ends meat.

But are we not better than that?

When did we stop to live,and started existing?

I see the news twice  a day .

When I wake up and at night when I get home from work.

I know we report news.

 But just once I would like to see the broadcast of a story of anyting that is about something positive.

Something that spoke to me about the help in our comunity,not just all that is bad and wrong in it.

Because there has to be something good.

I refuse to give up on us...

I know we are better than this.

The End

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