A Demon's Revenge

Horror story about a murderer named Ben who is haunting Leon, the main character. This story was written for an English assignment and I'm pretty happy about it even though it's a short story. So that's why I've packed nouns everywhere. We needed to. :P

The midnight dusk grew thick as it rolled over the gloomy, musty town. The night was as dead as the full moon’s light. The rainclouds sheltered the depressing night sky. The young 15-year-old, Leon, awoke from his cold slumber. As he got out of the bed, he made his way to the creaky stairs. Leon has always had a fear of the dark. Each step he took creaked the old, mouldy floorboards. As he made his way to the kitchen, noticing the light didn’t work, he tried to open the curtains for the dull moonlight. He looked into the abyss-like dusk, and noticed what looked to be a pale, lifeless face. He believed he was hallucinating or dreaming, and after getting a drink, reluctantly searched the abyss.


Outside seemed to be covered in a cold, eerie gloom. Leon hesitantly walked further and further towards where he saw the face. Arriving there, he felt uneasy. He was looking around to make sure he wasn’t insane. Looking back to where he came from, he was greeted by the same face; this time close-up. Within whispering distance. The figure had a huge, unforgettable, haunting grin, its eyes were pure white, had long, black hair that reached down to its spine and constantly bleeding from its nose. Leon, feeling the most terrible fear he’s ever experienced, screamed from the top of his lungs. The figure was slowly walking towards Leon as he ran. Looking back, he saw the figure fading into the growing blackness. Looking back ahead saw it, this time, in shouting distance. Stumbling over himself desperately crawled for his life. Standing up, the figure was in front of him again. It held a four-inch knife to Leon’s neck. The drowsy residents went out to see what the screaming was. The figure vanished, as if Leon was going insane. The figure didn’t appear for the rest of the night.


Leon felt like an insomniac; he didn’t get any sleep after that. He heard a daunting, disheartening knocking on the front door. Leon felt more terrified than ever before. He hesitantly opened the door. He felt calmer as he discovered that it was his good friend, Alex. Alex noticed the horror in Leon’s eyes. After explaining what he saw, Alex informed him that quite a number of people have mysteriously gone missing after leaving their house after dark. Alex had brought his father’s old handgun for protection and gave it to Leon. They decided to stupidly go looking for the figure so Leon could prove he wasn’t lying. The streets were empty. Without the one or two shady pedestrians it would be a ghost town. Cold, harsh breezes swiftly drifted through the empty, dead, daunting streets. At the end of their street, there was a dead forest. Shadows loomed over the area. No sunlight got in.



The only noise emitting from the dead forest were the silent screams of the forgotten, tortured beings. Entering the forest, the two felt instantly like they were in more danger than before. The floor was soggy in human blood. The two felt nauseous. Alex looked into the area shaded by the gloomy, dead trees and saw what looked to be a pale grin; exactly how Leon described it. His heart skipped a beat; he looked ahead and kept walking. Not long after that, they saw what looked to be a notebook. Leon picked it up and hesitantly opened it; fearing the risk of his own life. The first page informed Leon and Alex that the author went by the name of Dr. Richthofen. He was a German scientist, obviously interested in the dream-eating being that had been haunting Leon. “He watches you when you sleep. He stalks you in the shadows without you knowing.” They both looked around cautiously in the shadows to make sure they were alone. When Leon turned the page, there was a single sentence:

“Its name is Ben the Murderer.” The page that followed had implied that Richthofen had a theory that it was the wandering, tortured spirit of the young man named Ben. He was probably killed with a four-inch knife, which is why he carries one around. Out of fear, he dropped the book. He turned around and saw the shadows rolling closer and closer to the two. Out of the dark, the figure emerged from the gloom. He was walking faster than before. They started to run.


Leon tried shooting at him, but he barely bled. They both sprinted as fast as possible. They ran for about ninety seconds before the figure appeared in front of them. Leon’s great reflexes told him to stop. Alex wasn’t so lucky. It grabbed Alex, held his knife to his throat. Leon ran before he had to watch his best friend get murdered. Leon continued to run through the endless, dead, eerie forest. Constantly firing shots at the slowly- approaching figure, but with no luck. Finally reaching an end, he came across a dead-end. The grinning man slowly approached Leon. He knew there was no way out. He turned the gun on himself.



The End

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