A Horrific Doppelganger.

Stumbling to his feet whilst still covering his ears, he finally saw the complete image of the woman in front of her. The patchwork of scars which covered her face also covered the rest of her body, but unlike her face, where it seemed to be mostly straight angles and methodical, the rest of her body seemed to be completely opposite. The scars seemed to wind themselves round her body like vines on a tree, creeping down her body until they finally reached her feet. Around her wrists were black iron cuffs which regularly kept cutting into her and caused a faint waterfall of thick blood to fall from her hands. 

Despite the tortured appearance of the woman`s body in front of him, it was her face which his eyes felt drawn too. Even though her face had not altered from coming out of the door, he now noticed that her eyes had no pupils, they were just plain black shining orbs much like miniature bowling balls. As she was still screaming, he could see what was in place of teeth. A row of sharp glass shards were jammed into her bleeding gums, each jagged piece was scratched and dull, unable to give off a reflection.

Finally, she managed to stop screaming and just stood in front of him, her naked, scarred body slowly rising and falling with every ragged breath. Gingerly lowering his hands from his ringing ears, he gently tiptoed over to her until he was only a few inches away. Quietly whispering to her in an attempt to stop her screaming once more, he asked her who she was, not having a single clue as to who she was. 

But when she answered his question, when her surprisingly innocent sounding voice left her bleeding lips, his blood ran as cold as ice.

"It`s me, my love. Don`t you recognize me?"

The End

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