A Demonic Nightmare.

A confused young man awakes in a nightmarish land and discovers something downstairs which will make his blood run cold.

His peaceful and gentle sleep was suddenly brought to a untimely close as a ear-piercing scream cut into his ears, causing him to sit bolt upright in his bed, shaking and sweating profusely, his dark brown eyes darting this way and that round his room to see where the scream had come from. The first thing that he noticed was that everything was black and white, ranging from the carpet on the floor to even his fingers when he waved them in front of his face. It looked as though he had been sucked into some form of old fashioned, Hollywood film from the 1920`s. 

The second thing he noticed when he stood up from his ruffled bed sheets was the fact that everything he looked at was at various levels of focus which were constantly changing as though a photographer was constantly altering the focus but never getting it just right. As he reached for the wooden door of his room, he watched in a mixture of horror and amazement as a woman`s face started to appear in the grain of the door. However, the feeling of amazement was soon washed away as the face soon started to grow hideous scars which covered it like a sort of repulsive patchwork.

Backing away from the door in disgust, he was unable to tear his eyes away from what was unfolding in front of him. The door in front of him slowly started to creak and crack as the woman`s brutally scarred face began to push itself out of the wood , straining against it like a strongman pushing against a school bus. After a few seconds of the face struggling against the wood,it slowly receded before suddenly bursting through the door with a scream that caused him to fall to his knees in agony whilst trying to cover his ears.

The End

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