I know knew what it meant to be physically abused and beaten. Every part of my body was covered in bruises, blood, cuts, or all three. Finn had thrown me around the room a couple of more times, knocked me against furniture, kicked and punched me in the gut and face, and at some point I knew he had grown claws because he would scratch me. He also acquired a whip at some point, or maybe I was just imagining it. I screamed for the begging part, but that was pointless and after that I just winced in pain. Finn did this all through my clothes, causing them to get ripped and bloody as well, and when he was done he picked me up by my hair and whispered manacling into my ear.

“If you ever do that again, you won’t be beaten, you’ll be sent to the dogs.” Then he led me to the door and threw me on my face right in the middle of the dark hall way. I couldn’t move so I just laid there, at first not caring. I passed out after a few moments and when I woke up it was even darker than before. I though I should move out of the hall way and someone else finds me, and only they would know what they would do to me.  I was able to sit up and move across the hall to another door as I knew was a bathroom. I didn’t know who’s and I didn’t really care, because every single move I made, made my insides burn and yell in agony.

I finally got inside and when I heard the door click shut behind me I just fell backwards and laid on the hard, cold tile floor. The bathroom was even darker than the hall way because there were no windows in here, so I was sitting in the dark. The emptiness of the bathroom echoed back all of my ragged breaths. I tried to look at myself but even that brought back the pain, so I just laid there and tried to not move besides my small breaths. After a while I just went numb in pain, and there was no chance of me moving or going anywhere anytime soon, so I slowly moved onto my side and curled up into a ball as best as I could. This is when I began to cry softly. The only noise I could hear was my soft crying coming back at me, and it just made me cry more because I was angry at myself for crying in the first place. The tears running down my cheeks sent pain and then more numbness over the scratches and marks that I could only assume were on my face as well as the rest of my body. I could tell where the fabric had been ripped and torn because that was where the cold seeped in from the tile. I passed back out when I became light headed and I stayed in my small little ball until I heard a click.

I jumped at the noise, but that just made me flinch and sprawl out, making me flinch again, but this time I remained still as I realized there was no more numbness and only screaming pain. Most of the pain I felt was a stinging, like someone pouring lemon juice over a paper cut or knife cut. I looked at the door as I saw a light begin to pour into the room, and I heard it creek slowly open. The light was too bright in the background, but it was still dark out in the hall so it must have been still night.

My real first thought was “Oh no, it’s Finn…” And I couldn’t help the tears that began to stream down my cheek. I closed my eyes and tried to move, but I couldn’t move anything else besides my lips; so I had to try and protect myself with words.

“Please,” it was no louder than a needle dropping on the floor, but I knew he would be able to hear it if it was him. The door finally began to open more and when no one answered the thought of Finn left and in came the though of Annabelle coming to help me. I opened my eyes to look at the door and saw a figure, but it was too small to be Annabelles. It was a girl, I could make out the small trim of a dress, but it was just a shadow. I recognized it then as Rain and I almost choked out more tears, but I just shut my eyes again and began to cry some more. I don’t know how I looked, but I can’t imagine what this little girl was seeing. Me sprawled out across the floor, bruised and bloody, and crying like a baby. It hurt to think what this little girl had seen her brother do to other girls, or maybe I was the first, either way it killed me to let her see me like this. I turned away from her hoping to just disappear in the darkness as I stared at her shadow on the ground. She was still standing there and it made me cry even more, but I muffled my cries by burring my face in the tile; not very smart, but it worked.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder, and it made me yelp in pain and surprise. I kept my eyes shut as I felt myself being turned by a cool and light hand on my shoulder.

“Mist…?” I hear a male voice ask. I didn’t open my eyes or talk, I just sat on my back and continued to let the tears fall. Why did I always have to cry? It made me fell weak; this is actually the most I’ve cried since 5th grade probably. “How long has she been like this Rain?” The voice asked again.

“I just found her in here like this. I heard her crying and wanted to see who it was.” I heard Rains little girl voice answer. I choked in pain again as she said she heard me crying and that just sent another blow to me that no one else would be able to know. So she had heard me crying and come to see who it was. I felt so bad for what she was seeing and it hurt me as I continued to cry at myself. “I think Finn did it to her…” Rain said slowly.

“Yes, he did.” The voice was cool like the hand that was still resting on my shoulder.

“Jess,” I hear rain choke some her own, she sounded like she was going to cry to. “Is she going to be okay?” Her little voice chimed close to me and I could tell she was looking down at me. There were several things that had caught me off guard and made me start crying some more. First was the way she sounded; hurt, afraid, sad. She also sounded like she was about to cry. Second was the way she asked if I was going to be okay. It made me curious to wonder why she cared; she had probably seen hundreds of girls like me before that had gone through Finn’s punishments; had she ever asked if they were going to be okay though? It also made me scared for myself though. Even though I could feel that I was okay, no real injury, but that was just a feeling, and I couldn’t see how I looked. What if I wasn’t okay? What if Finn had really done some serious damage, not realizing he was tossing me around like a rag doll? Or maybe that was his plan, maybe he did know. I began to feel sorry for myself, why had I done what I did? If there was serious damage there was a small part of me that said “You idiot, you deserved it, had to go and piss off a demon.” Then there was another part that said “I didn’t mean too! I couldn’t help it.” But over all that was the question still ringing in my head; did she say Jess?

“Rain turn the light on and shut the door.” The voice said again. Yes, that was Jess; I know recognized the smooth voice that I had only heard a couple times. What was he planning? Why was he here? A blinding light came through my eye lids and it made me squint my eyes. I blinked away the light as I tried to look up and see Jess. But a soothing hand came over my eyes and lightly tried to keep them closed. “Shh…it’s okay, you’re safe. Rain go start the shower water.” I heard Jess say soothingly to me while he spoke to Rain also. The hand over my eyes left and I felt it push some of the hair that was sticking to my face off. It lightly touched over my face, and it wasn’t the same cool touch that Finn had brought to my skin, it was warmer and softer. I winced in pain when I felt his hand go lightly over a spot on my forehead. It began to sting and I winced in pain more, but the pain slowly went away and I relaxed some.

The water in the shower started and I could hear the turning of the handles for the temperature. I jumped some when I heard Rain’s little voice next to my head. “Will she be alright Jess?” I could feel her hand on my arm, and I knew it was hers because Jess’s hand was still running through my hair and head.

“She’ll be fine; I’ll make sure she’s fine. You can go now Rain, thank you.” Jess answered her quietly. I still felt Rains hand on my arm so I could tell she didn’t believe him, that or she wasn’t sure what to do.

“But she’s so fragile…” Rain said. That confused me because she was a lot tinier than I was, and she was younger. Why did she think I was fragile?

“Rain, don’t worry, I’ll take care of her.” Jess said. I felt Rain mover her hand down my arm before her hand left it. Then I hear the door open and close a few seconds later. Now Jess and I were alone and I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t think Jess was capable of hurting me like Finn did, but I didn’t know. So when I felt his hand move down to my stomach and I heard fabric tearing I tried to grab his hand and move away. I couldn’t move my hand, so I settled for the pain of moving away, even though my body screamed again. But I was caught by an arm and Jess’s smooth voice.

“I won’t hurt you, please stay still.” Jess said soothingly as I continued to hear the fabric rip. I move my head towards the sound of his voice and I slowly blink the light away to look up at him. The light around him made him look like an angle, and even though I didn’t know what he was doing I felt safer than normal. But for all I knew he could have wanted the shower on to muffle the sounds of my cry. But I didn’t care or have enough energy to fight, no matter what he planned on doing to me. Jess looked down at me with his blond hair falling in his face some.

“Trust me…” Jess said and I gazed into his eyes before I finally gave in and just blacked out, hoping for the best as I went into a semi-blissful blackness.

The End

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