“Couldn’t behave could you?” Dylan said as he roughly pushed me into Finn’s dark room. I stumbled in and when I turned to grab the door handle Dylan slammed the door and there was a click to say it locked. I still jerked and pulled at the door knob, but it wouldn’t budge. I screamed and kicked in frustration at the door hoping it would open but it never did. I turned slowly to look around the room; which was a failed attempt. The room was completely black and the curtains were closed so there was no hope for the moon or stars to shine through. I could barley make out the objects in front of me and it was hard to walk as I tried to make it somewhere I could hide, because I knew this was not going to be good.

            I thought that if maybe Finn cooled down some he would maybe forget about me. Or maybe if you hide it will make it worse… My mind said. I stopped mid step because I knew that was true. There was no hope in hiding; he would find me no matter what I did. What if you fought? The back of my mind said again. I though for a moment before I decided that even though it might make it worse, at least I wouldn’t go down with out a fight; because there was no doubt in my mind. I would be going down, especially since I had made him so angry, not just from spilling the drink on him, but I embarrassed him in front of everyone. That had to have done some damage to his pride, if not his ego. So I looked around for what might be a good weapon. I knew my mind would be the best weapon, but after the night before I don’t think I could last long with that. I felt around the room, feeling everything before I went to the next object to finally find something. It wasn’t large, but maybe it would be enough. It was an envelope opener; I felt the tip of it, it was somewhat sharp but it wasn’t pointed instead it was round like a butter knife. This is going to have to do I said to myself as I began to walk over to the curtains. I grabbed them and opened them to try and see if it would help. I walked back over to his bed and crouched down next to it and waited quietly for him.

After about ten minutes I realized that the windows weren’t helping me at all because every time something would move outside I would flinch. So I got back up and made my way to the curtains to shut them, I shut one and as I began to shut the other it became slightly brighter in the room. It wasn’t a brightness per say, but it was more of a….flame. My mind finished for me. I twirled around and saw Finn standing in front of the door and he had a soft silver flame burning around him. I gasped and clutched tighter onto the envelope knife in my hand as I realized that it was almost like the vision he had shown me.

            Finn had his head tucked down some and he looked at me through very angry eyes. His face was pinched and his jaw was set, and from where I was standing I could see that he was trembling slightly. His eyes only flickered for a moment as he looked down at the knife and then back up at me. It was a small movement but I wouldn’t have caught it if I would have blinked.

 Finn took as step towards me.

            I instantly stuck the envelope knife out in front of me in my outstretched hand. “Don’t come any closer.” I told him sternly, my voice only quivering a little. Finn looked at the knife and then back at me; his laugh sounding weird to me.

            “You think that will hurt me?” Finn said as he stepped more quickly and closer to me. His voice was distorted and menacing, it sounded like there were two voices to him, and that was how his laugh had sounded. I didn’t listen to him as I held my hand out more and I stood my ground.

            Stay back. I ordered him in my head. Finn still looked at me as he took more steps closer to me.

            “That’s the first thing to go.” Finn said again in his demonic voice. It was slowly sinking into my brain that this was bad and I wasn’t going to be able to hold him off if he ever got to me.

            Stay back!! I yelled in my head, the yell making me wince some. I knew I wasn’t going to be as strong as the night before, but I had to do it in order to keep him away. Finn didn’t even seem to flinch at it, but he did stop. Finn pulled his mouth into a smile and the smile scared me.

            “Now.” Finn said simply. I didn’t know what he was talking about at first, but then I did as the knife suddenly flew from my hands. It didn’t fly exactly, instead it felt like it was torn from my hands and then it began to slice through the air at me.

            What the h-e-double chop stick?!?!?! What was going on? I threw my hands out to protect myself, and it just kept swinging. In the back of my vision Finn just stood there smiling and I wondered if it was him doing this. The envelope knife then got closer to me and as I held up my hand to protect myself it aimed and sliced at my hand. It made contact and I shouted in pain as I pulled my hand in and saw the huge gash. My skin had already been tender from the burns of the cell I was in, so it didn’t take much to cut it open and make me start bleeding. Just as I was getting ready to look at the knife it dropped to the ground and in its place was something made out of leather. The blood began to pour off my hand and it started dripping on the floor, I was too dazed now to even move when the bracelet started to go towards my dripping blood and stopped just under the path of the blood.

I realized that the leather looked like a bracelet. There was an elaborated design on it with stars, snakes, and swirls. The center of the bracelet there was a small, but rather large, stone that was also designed and had silver swirls and stones around it. The next few drops fell and they landed right on the stone that was in the middle of the leather. The stone began to glow a bright red, and it shone and sparkled. I was amazed to see that my blood began to seep into the stone and the stone became to shine a dark blue. I heard a murmur of words I couldn’t understand as the bracelet then flew to my wrist and snapped around it with a buzz. But what amazed me more was that I felt fingers close around my wrist and I could feel a hand squeezing the bracelet there as I heard more murmur of words. I pulled back my hand but the hands had already let go and the bracelet was still on. I began to pull at the bracelet with my other hand as I fumbled to try and find a latch or something.

“Don’t try, it won’t come off.” A female voice said very close to me. I looked up and to my surprise I saw a woman standing a few feet away from me. From what I could see she had long, thick black hair and it was pulled out of her face by a bun with elaborate beads and flowers hanging from it. She was wearing a shirt that showed of her stomach and it v-ed down low, looking like a bikini top with thick straps. It was decorated with many shimmering disk type things, while a small silver chain was strapped in the middle of it. The silver chain lead down her stomach branching off in two different places before it fell into a number of lines just hanging on her stomach. Her arms were decorated with a few thick and thin bracelets while a shawl type thing was draped over her shoulders and most of her arm. Her skirt was long and flowed down over her feet and she also had another sash shawl thing draped loosely around her waist and skirt; while her skirt was mostly a black orange-ish brown with a beautiful floral patter on it. She herself was beautiful and looked to be around her late twenties.

“This is Amelia; she’s a witch that does spells for my father.” Finn said from behind her and I remembered that he was still here. Amelia looked back at Finn and began talking as if I wasn’t here.

“That bracelet will stop all her talents. If she does somehow manage to get something through the spell it will just send right back into her brain, causing her what ever harm she intended behind it. There are only four people who can take it off; my sisters, you, or me.” Amelia explained to Finn. Finn looked at me and his eyes gave off a kinda do-you-hear-that! look. “My sisters and I built it to your standards and beyond, plus her blood in it will make it more specifically designed for her. We took every precaution with this one.” Amelia finished explaining as she looked back at me with a fearful evil glare.

“Thank you Amelia, and thank your sisters for me.” Finn still had his demonic voice and the flames were still burning silver; but the flames were starting to turn a black and get darker around him. “You may go now.” He ordered her as he continued to look at me. I was just dumbly sitting there clutching at my wrist as I listened to all of this. Amelia nodded her head and then began to walk away and out the door, and as the door was closing she smiled viciously at me.

The door shut and Finn and I were left alone. I began to slowly see his muscles expand and he took another step towards me as the flames grew.

I went to shout in my head but as I did a throbbing pain came crashing into my head. It hit me with such force that I doubled over and clutched at my head as I gasped. My wrists were roughly grabbed and I was pulled back up straight and pinned against the wall as Finn held onto my wrists. The pain was still throbbing in my head and the fast motion made me sick to my stomach and made the room spin. I focused enough to see that Finn looked different. He looked like he had in the vision he sent me and the flames were still burning around him but now they were black. They didn’t burn as he held onto me, actually it brought coldness to my skin that it gave me chills.

“They’re very good at what they do, that bracelet will stop all your telepathic abilities.” Finn roared in my ear, or it seemed like he roared but his voice was so loud to my ears right now. Another wave hit me as I was going to ask him something in my head again but it wouldn’t work.

What’s going on…? I said to myself in my head, and even that gave me a pain, but not as strong as if I was trying to communicate to Finn. I began to pull away from Finn and tried to struggle, but something else hit me. It was the same of pressure of before when I felt something probing in my head and the bodies all around me. But this time there was no resistance what so ever and Finn’s thoughts came pouring over my head like a black sheet; like a wild fire consuming everything in its path.

 My limbs stopped struggling and I felt myself stop breathing. It wasn’t me who was doing this though; I had something in the back of my mind saying that it was Finn who was doing this. As I began to double over and wiggle from lack of air, my lungs started working again and I coughed back air into my lungs. Finn still held me tight against the wall as he looked at me with a demonic smile on his face but the anger still apparent on his face. I tried to move my muscles but nothing worked or moved, and the throbbing in my brain began spiking into sharp points. It felt like someone was taking a needle and poking at my brain with it and it hurt so much.  I knew I was giving into his satisfaction as I began to scream out loud, but I couldn’t help it. There was too much pain; it felt like I was going to die right there.

“Shut up.” Finn said flatly, and then I was flying through the air. My body was thrown across the room. I couldn’t control my arms to help stop with the blow to the wall, so when I hit my back and head against the wall, and then fell onto my back on the floor it killed my limb muscles. I was picked back up again and I was flung across the room, this time by my hair. This time though it was more of a gentle landing; not really. I landed on the bed, but I hit my head on the headboard and my body slumped down onto the ground and my arm hit the night stand next to the bed. I was able to sit up more now, but every time I moved my head spun again.

 I was screaming and moaning this whole time, but I couldn’t help it. I knew my brain was trying to fight back and kick Finn out, but there was no resisting it. I also knew that he was the one making all my morals and pride stop and allow the screams and moans to come out of my mouth. Now I was grabbed by my hair and I felt Finn next to my head as he whispered to me.

“Now you’ll know what it truly means to be punished.” He said flatly and softly to me with venom in his tone. I was thrown to the ground hitting my head again and I looked up at him.

Okay, now it’s time to panic. My brain throbbed to me, but I couldn’t move, and I didn’t try to. I would have to deal with this any way he dished it out to me, and it was going to be bad. I could tell by the look in his eyes when he began to move over me.

Now it begins. Finn’s voice boomed in my head, and with that it started.

Writer's Note:

Hey guys. So I think that some of my descriptions of people and outfits are confussing. SO I'm gonna be posting a link to a website where I'm gonna have images of some people/outfits/andplaces. But when you're looking at them you have to keep in mind that only some parts are look alikes and some are just inspirations.

The End

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